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Fort Belvoir, Virginia


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Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Headquarters Complex, Fort Belvoir, VA.

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Historic Fort Belvoir is a beautiful installation, with a unique and complex mission vital to the success of the goals and objectives of the nation's defense strategy. No other Army installation in the world compares to Fort Belvoir and its singular mission to provide both logistical and administrative support to over 100 tenant and satellite organizations.

Fort Belvoir's history is interwoven with the birth of our nation, as well as the founding of Fairfax County, Virginia. Like most land in colonial America, the 8,656-acre tract along the Potomac River that is now Fort Belvoir was part of a grant from a 17th-century English king. The land was handed down through the Culpepper family to Thomas, the sixth Lord Fairfax, who, in 1734 persuaded his cousin, Col. William Fairfax, to come to Virginia and oversee the family's holdings. Col. Fairfax built his home on 2,000 acres of what is now much of South Post and named the estate Belvoir, which means "beautiful to see."

In 1912, the land was transferred to the War Department. In 1915, engineer troops from Washington Barracks, now Fort McNair, established Camp Belvoir as a rifle range and training camp. The name was changed to Camp A.A. Humphreys in 1917 when a major camp was constructed during an unusually bitter winter to train engineer replacements for World War I. The post was renamed Fort Humphreys in 1922 to indicate its permanent status, and became Fort Belvoir in 1935.

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