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U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder


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Location/Driving Directions
U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder
Frankfurt International Airport is the closest major airport to USAG Baumholder.

Most arriving soldiers have to process through 64th Replacement Detachment in Hanau.

At Frankfurt International Airport, there are U.S. Army information booths in Terminal 2 and on the second floor of Terminal 1. If you come into Terminal 2, you have to take the "Sky Line" shuttle to get to Terminal 1.

Driving Directions

The Frankfurt Airport is approximately 2 hours from USAG Baumholder.

Traveling by Car

When departing Frankfurt International Airport, follow signs for A5 towards Basel / Darmstadt.
After a few minutes, you will see signs for A67. Get in the center/left lane and follow A67.
When you pass the town of Lorsch, you will see an exit on the far right for A6 Mannheim, Kaiserslautern and Saarbruecken - Take this exit and follow A6 towards Kaiserslautern/Saarbruecken.
Passing Kaiserslautern, Exit A6 TO A62 towards Trier/Kusel.
After about 20 minutes you will come to the exit Freisen - take this exit.
Exiting A62 at Freisen take a right and follow the signs for Baumholder.
Once in Baumholder, follow the main road, take a left at the traffic light. Keep going straight through the next traffic light. You will see the main gate for Smith Barracks, Baumholder.
Individuals who wish to use GPS should enter Baumholder as city and Aulenbacher Strasse as street address.

Traveling by Train

Frankfurt Airport has two railway stations. The long-distance railway station is at the AIRail Terminal, right next to Terminal 1. Trains arrive at and depart from platforms 4 to 7. In addition, there is a local railway station for S-Bahn, regional and local trains at Terminal 1, Level 1. Trains arrive at and depart from platforms 1 to 3.

Both railway stations are linked to Terminal 2 via buses and the Sky Line.

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