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U.S. Army Garrison Bamberg


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U.S. Army Garrison Bamberg

USAG Bamberg neighborhood

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Military Housing is available for all active duty soldiers and their family members assigned to the Bamberg community. There are 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments available called stairwell apartments. The size of a stairwell apartment may be smaller than in the U.S. The government quarters 2 bedrooms units are only 861 to1109s quare feet; the 3 bedroom units are 990 to1421 square feet; and the 4 bedroom units are 1152 to 1346 square feet. In government leased quarters you will find that the 2 bedroom units range in size from 764 to 1238 square feet; 3 bedroom units range from 980 to 1604 square feet; and 4 bedroom units are from 1367 to 1636 square feet. Housing for 0-4 and above is duplex style with small yards and basements. There are ample playgrounds located within each housing area.

The size of the quarters you are assigned is determined by the number of family members.

The waiting period for housing varies monthly so be sure to call the housing office for the most up to date information. On post housing consists of stairwell apartments. Quarters are generally available within a month.To contact the Housing Office call DSN: 469-8815 or 7654, Commercial: (0951) 300-8815 or 7654.

Bamberg has two on-post housing areas (Flynn Housing Area and Pines Housing Area) and several Leased Housing areas. Leased Housing consists of buildings leased from German landlords by the Government on a long-term basis and are considered Government controlled quarters just like the on-post quarters. Some Leased Housing is located in Bamberg, some in small towns surrounding Bamberg.

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