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U. S. Army Garrison Ansbach, Germany


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U. S. Army Garrison Ansbach, Germany

Katterbach Kaserne

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U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach is located in the German state of Bavaria. The region is a somewhat flat, yet rolling terrain at the foothills of the Alps, which are only 2-3 hours away. Ansbach is located in the northern part of Bavaria, approximately 117 miles southeast of Frankfurt and 26 miles southwest of Nuernberg. USAG Ansbach consists of three separate U.S. installations and one satellite installation. Barton Barracks in Ansbach is the Headquarters Kaserne. Katterbach and Bismarck Kasernes are located in the village of Katterbach, three miles from Ansbach. Shipton Kaserne is the post's training area. Storck Barracks, located just outside the village of Illesheim is a sub-community of USAG Ansbach.

Ansbach has been a garrison city since the end of the 2nd World War and is the governmental capital of Middle Franconia.

Since joining the US Army Garrison Franconia, the battalion has continued its mission of streamlining base support operations management allowing tactical commanders to concentrate on their training and warfighting missions. The battalion takes pride in its support to over 8,500 soldiers, civilians, and family members working and living in the present US Army Garrison Ansbach footprint in Ansbach and Illesheim

USAG Ansbach's mission is to provide comprehensive base operations support to tactical units and individual residents of the community. The USAG Commander's vision is: WE ARE PART of the FIGHT, the Garrison and the Community it supports can and must be a Combat Multiplier: a positive message from a secure home front means increased lethality in the GWOT and setting the right conditions and standards ensures a deployable Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) more rapidly.

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