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Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland


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Temporary Lodging

Temporary Lodging is provided at Aberdeen Proving Ground at The Swan Creek Inn, located in building 2207, on Bel Air Street. The Swan Creek Inn is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check-in is at 1500 and Check-out is at 1100. Call the facility for pricing at 410-278-5148, DSN 298.

All AIT students must have a permission slip signed by their First Sergeant or Company Commander in order to stay at the Inn. PCS facilities are available for families and their children in building 2505. Pets are not allowed in any of the buildings.

The Aberdeen Proving Ground Lodging Facility has also contracted with several local, name-brand hotels to provide rooms for overflow personnel. These hotel contracts provide for lower than normal rates for military personnel and families.

Army lodging offers many amenities, including: full housekeeping service, vending machines, laundry room, billiards room, exercise room, and continental breakfast. They are conveniently located from shopping, leisure activities, historical Havre de Grace, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

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