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Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland


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Main Phone Numbers
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

Foreign weapons training

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo credit: Kenae McCooey
Base Operator: 410-306-1403
Army Community Service: 410-278-7572
Unaccompanied Housing (Barracks): 410-306-2002
Check-in Point for Military: 410-278-5770
Child Development Center: 410-278-7576
Family Center: 410-279-7572
Housing Referral: 410-306-2007
Family Housing Assignment/Termination: 410-306-2003
Permanent Party Barracks Assignment: 410-306-2002
Community Homefinding Relocation & Referral Service (CHRRS): 410-306-2002
Personnel Support Office: 410-306-2333
Official Travel: 410-273-1100
Youth Services: 410-278-4995
Swan Creek Inn (Temporary Lodging): 410-278-5148
River Lodge (Temporary Lodging): 410-436-3848

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