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Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland


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Population/Major Units Assigned
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

Sgts. 1st Class Clifton Smith (front) and Jerreyn McCarrol, ANCOC small-group leaders, attack a convoy with a simulated rocket-propelled grenade during warrior training at the Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School's NCOA.

Official Army Photo

Population: More than 7,500 civilians work at Aberdeen Proving Ground, and more than 5,000 military personnel are assigned there. In addition, there are nearly 3,000 contractors and private business employees working on the proving ground. The post is Harford County's largest employer and one of the largest employers in the state of Maryland.

There are 2,148 military family members living on the post and another 155 off post. The post supports more than 16,000 military retirees and retiree family members.

Major Units Assigned:

1st Area Medical Laboratory
9th Area Medical Laboratory
20th Support Command
22nd Chemical Battalion
5th - 80th Ordnance Battalion (Army Reserve)
203rd Military Intelligence Battalion
389th Army Band (AMC's Own)
Aberdeen Test Center
Army Audit Agency
Army Counterintelligence, 902MI
Army Environmental Command
Army Evaluation Center
Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
Army National Ground Intelligence Center
Army Research Laboratory
The Survivability Lethality Analysis Directorate
Army Research, Development and Engineering Command
Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Acquisition Center
Chemical Materials Agency
Corps of Engineers APG
Defense Security Service
Development Test Command
Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical Biological Defense
Joint Personal Effects Depot
Kirk Health Clinic
Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
16th Ordnance Battalion
61st Ordnance Battalion, Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School
143rd Ordnance Battalion
U. S. Marine Corps Detachment 2100
U.S.Air Force 361st SQ

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