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Installation Overview --United States Army Garrison (USAG) Yongsan, Korea


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --United States Army Garrison (USAG) Yongsan, Korea

All Military, DoD Civilians and their Families arriving in Korea by a commercial airline will fly into Incheon International Airport (Kimpo Airport is used for domestic flights). The U.S. Armed Forces has a Liaison Office in the airport to assist you when you arrive.

There are several means of transportation available for you to use to get to USAG-Yongsan (Seoul):

Military Buses - These buses are there to bring Military personnel and their Families to Yongsan, but command sponsored Families have priority over non-command sponsored Families when it comes to being the first seated on the buses. Liaison Office Personnel will try to accommodate everyone and the cost is free. Liaison Office Personnel are present at the Korea Customs declaration point to direct you to the appropriate Military reception area. Military member MUST take the bus, unless picked up by their sponsor. Pets are not allowed in the cabin of the bus and must ride under in the luggage storage.

AAFES Taxi -cost between $60.00 - $75.00 to USAG-Yongsan and can be called by Military Reception. Please understand that for PCSing into the USAG-Yongsan Community, a taxi should be your last resort. They are very expensive.

Korean Taxi (gray or white taxi) cost 38,000-43,000 won (Korean Money). There are several International Currency Exchanges in the airport where you may exchange U.S. Dollars for Korean Won. Again, not advisable because of the expense.

KAL Limousine Bus - You will take this bus to the Hyatt Hotel, once there you will need to call an AAFES Taxi to take you to Yongsan. The cost for the KAL Bus is 13,000 to 15,000 Won and the cost for the taxi is $5.00-$6.00.

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