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U.S. Army Garrison (USAG)Vicenza(Caserma Ederle),Italy


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Vicenza is under a Mandatory Family Housing Policy. Incoming service members with families in Vicenza are mandatorily assigned to Government family housing if available. If quarters are not available, the Soldier will be assisted in finding adequate private rental housing. Wherever the service member is assigned, once the member is assigned to permanent quarters, that member is considered adequate housed for the duration of the tour of duty. If the service member decides to move to other housing later, a subsequent Government-funded move will not be authorized. Garrison commanders continue to have the authority to require those designated key and essential duty positions to reside on the installation.

If Government-control family housing is available and the member declines these quarters and elects to reside in private rental housing, Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is discontinued on the date that the government quarters could have been occupied.

Currently, the Vicenza Housing Office lists approximately 273 government-owned quarters in Villaggio Della Pace and 360 government-leased quarters in the surrounding communities.

Quarters meet the minimum size required by rank and bedroom. Homes in Italy are smaller than normal stateside residences and do not have built-in closets.

The average waiting time for government quarters is 30 days; however, there may not be availability of government quarters for certain categories and families will have to seek private rental housing.

Waiting times vary depending upon time of year and incoming personnel. The Housing Office will make every attempt to house families with Exceptional Family Members quickly in units that meet their needs.

Service members cannot be placed on the waiting list prior to their arrival in Vicenza. Once service members in-process at housing, their eligibility date on the waiting list will be adjusted according to the date they departed their previous duty station or as outlined in Army Regulation 420-1, Army Facilities Management, Chapter 3, Housing Management.

Single Service Member Barracks are available for unaccompanied Soldiers E1 through E4. E5 and E6 may be authorized to live in private rental housing depending on space in the barracks.

Currently there are 1,200 spaces in the barracks on post. Those service members who either cannot be housed in the barracks, or are not eligible to reside in the barracks, will apply for SBEQ/BOQ or private rental housing. When the service member is applying for SBEQ/BOQ within 30 days of arrival at this installation, the eligibility date will be the date departed the last duty station; otherwise it will be the date of application.

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