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U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Stuttgart, Germany


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U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Stuttgart, Germany

USAG Stuttgart was honored for excellence in an Army-wide competition.

Photo courtesy U.S. Army

Stuttgart has 1706 on-post Army Family Housing quarters. Except for Senior Grade Officers Quarters, all the housing units located in Stuttgart are in stairwell buildings. There are no washer/dryer connections inside individual units. The housing units are relatively small in size. Most units have storage cages and/or enclosed storage rooms within the building where small items such as bicycles, sleds and seasonal items may be kept. Each set of quarters has an assigned uncovered parking space.

There two, three, and four bedroom units on post. Rank and size of family will determine your specific requirement. There is a limited number of five plus bedroom units for large families.

Off-post housing for 3 bedroom or larger apartments is very limited and very expensive. One may expect to pay up to €10 per square meter (10.75 sq. ft.) plus costly security deposits and renovation costs. Service members should not bring their family members without first contacting the housing office to determine waiting periods for on-post housing. As a reminder for service members with families, the Stuttgart housing office in the only entity authorized to approve off-post housing.

There is a limited number of on-post Senior Enlisted Bachelor Quarters for single E-7s and above. Single service members in grades of E-6 and below must reside in barracks. Subject to availability, personnel in grade of E-6 may reside in SEBQ's.The housing office will assist you with all your housing needs.

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