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U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Schweinfurt, Germany


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Child Care
U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Schweinfurt, Germany

Children at the USAG Schweinfurt child development center

Photo courtesy U.S. Army, Photo Credit: Emily Athens

At USAG Schweinfurt there are several programs available for children of all ages. Schweinfurt Child and Youth Services (CYS) include the following programs for children: Child Development Center (CDC), Services, School-Age Services (SAS) and Family Child Care (FCC).

The Central Enrollment Registration (CER) office is located on Ledward Barracks in Building 224. This is where patrons may register their children in CYS and receive information on child and youth opportunities in the United States Army Garrison Schweinfurt and local German economy.

Patrons must register their children with our CER office to participate in any CYS program. To register parents must complete a CYS registration packet which includes:

Up-to-date immunization record
Child's social security number
Three emergency designees
Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)/pay stubs for sponsor and spouse
An annual registration fee of $15 per child or $35 per family

The Child Development Center offers child care programs for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. There are several CDC programs available: Full Day Care, Hourly Care and Part -Day Preschool.

The Family Child Care program offers hourly, full and part day and extended hours (weekend and evening) care for children four weeks to twelve years old in government quarters. Only dual working families are entitled full day care.

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