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U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Schweinfurt, Germany


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U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Schweinfurt, Germany

Planned improvements for the Askren Manor housing area

Photo Courtesy U.S. Army

The Schweinfurt Housing Office is located just off Ledward Barracks in the Department of Public Works compound. The Schweinfurt Housing Office is currently granting concurrent travel for all military command sponsored personnel regardless of rank, and bedroom requirement. The concurrent travel is to private rental housing, and temporary government housing only. Temporary government housing is available within 30 days and the waiting period for permanent government housing ranges from 4 - 12 weeks.

There are a total of 891 on-post quarters. Most apartments on-post consist of stairwell living, with laundry and storage rooms located in the basements. Most apartments do not have room for a kitchen table, and most are much smaller than what is available in CONUS. Senior Officers and above have duplexes available.

Pets are normally allowed in family housing, and are limited to those considered as household pets. Cats and dogs will be limited to a total of no more than TWO pets per household. All animals must be constrained at all times and not be allowed to run free and must have necessary immunizations.

If a family member has a special housing need, the Exceptional Family Member program Manager will work with that family and the Housing office to make accommodations. Housing Units on Base are not air conditioned - air conditioners may be purchased on the economy or at your local PX.

Single soldiers and geographic bachelors seeking on-base quarters are issued billet space by the Single Soldier Quality of Life (SSQL) NCO in their unit. Single service members in grades of E-6 and below must reside in barracks. E-7 and above stay in the Bradley Inn until permanent quarters become available wither in the BOQ or off post.

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