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U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Schweinfurt, Germany


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Main Phone Numbers
U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Schweinfurt, Germany

The U.S. Army Garrison Schweinfurt offers paintball activities as part of the Warrior Adventure Quest pilot program.

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo by Dave Melancon

Main Phone Numbers

Army Community Service (ACS) 09721-96-6751/6486

Army Emergency Relief (AER) 09721-96-7071

Commissary 09721-802902

Community Operations Center 09721-96-6708

Computer Doctor 09721-782064

Customs 09721-96-6607/6273

Dental Clinic 09721-6376/1720

Education Office – Conn 09721-96-8308

Education Office – Ledward 09721-96-6383

Family Assistance Center 09721-96-6751/6486

Finance/PAC 09721-96-1730/6751/6486

Health Clinic 09721-96-6641

Housing Office 09721-96-6317/6388/6448

In/Out Processing 09721-96-6480

Medical Appointments 09721-966781

Post Exchange 09721-808810

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