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U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Mannheim, Germany


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Main Phone Numbers
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European Signal Unit on the run.

Photo courtesy U.S. Army

Military Operator/Information DSN 314-380-1110/113 COM 011-49-621-730-0/113

Sullivan Barracks DSN 314-385-XXXX COM01149-621-730-XXXX

Ben Franklin Village DSN 314-380-XXXX COM 01149-621-730-XXXX

Taylor Barracks DSN 314-386-XXXX COM 01149-621-718-XXXX

Spinelli Barracks DSN 314-384-XXXX COM 01149-621-730-XXXX

Funari Barracks/Turley Barracks DSN 314-380/381/385-XXXX COM 011-49-621-730-XXXX

Coleman Barracks DSN 314-382-XXXX COM 011-49-621-779-XXXX

Schwetzingen DSN 314-379-XXXX COM 011-49-6202-80-XXXX

The Staff Duty Officer Or Provost Marshall Military Police can be reached at DSN (314) 3853359 or COM 011-49-621-730-3359.

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