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U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Livorno (Camp Darby)


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Location/Driving Directions
U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) Livorno (Camp Darby)

Camp Darby is located approximately 6 miles from the Pisa International Airport.

If traveling on a commercial carrier, you should arrive at the Galileo Galilei International Airport in Pisa. Flights originating from the United States will not fly non-stop to Pisa, therefore it is not uncommon for flight delays; unless you speak Italian, you will want to be met at the airport by your sponsor. Keep phone numbers handy so you can update your sponsor if changes are made at the last moment or while in transit. Your sponsor can make arrangements to meet your plane and provide transportation.

Your sponsor is responsible for getting you to your lodging; it is imperative that you keep your sponsorinformed of your travel plans. If not met by a sponsor, the First Sergeant or Commander of your organization will be notified and will be responsible to see that you are accommodated.

If your a sponsor does not meet you or yo arrrive after Duty Hours there are several options: We would recommend calling the Desk Seargent at the Military Police Station at 050-54-7575. The Desk Seargent will alert someone in your unit that you are waiting. This is a commercial number that can be dialed from an Italian pay phone.
There is also a Taxi service available from the Pisa Airport and although the cost is a PCS reimbursable expense, you will have to pay the driver initially out of your own pocket. The cost could be as high as 35 Euro (40.00 dollars). When you arrive at the installation gate, the cab will not be allowed entrance and you will have to walk to your lodging. There are two (2) lodging facilities on the installation. Should arrival be after normal duty hours, there are special procedures to follow. Please stay in contact with your sponsor. If your sponsor is not responsive, please contact the Relocation Program Manager.

If you are driving from the airport (rental cars are available, but are not reimbursable in PCS status), exit the airport to the right. Follow the indication for Aurelia (blue sign) and Autostrada (green sign). Once in that direction, exit at the Camp Darby exit and follow the road for approximately 4 miles until you come to the gate that will be on your right. You will have to show identification at the gate for entrance.

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