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Installation Overview --United States Army Garrison(USAG)Henry-Daegu


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Installation Overview --United States Army Garrison(USAG)Henry-Daegu

More than 5,000 people from the local Nam-gu district and City of Daegu joined USAG Daegu residents at open house festivities

Photo courtesy U.S. Army

Family quarters at Camp Henry-Taegu consist of both government owned housing (Camp Walker) and government leased housing (Mountain View Village, Camp George).

Camp Walker offers the following housing units: 2 bedroom (28) units, 3 bedroom (66) units and 4 bedroom (6) units. These units are primarily duplexes.

Mountain View Village is a 150-unit apartment complex leased by the U.S. Army from the Korean National Housing Corporation to house families of enlisted (private first class through master sergeant), junior warrant officers (warrant officer 1 through warrant officer 3) and junior officers (lieutenant through captain) military members. The 10 five-story buildings contain as equal number of three-, four- and five-bedroom apartments. These quarters are considered small by American standards.

Military command sponsored personnel assigned to on post government owned and leased quarters are provided 100% furnished quarters, except for personal items ( TV, DVD, stereo, kitchenware etc.).

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