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Installation Overview -- Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas


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Installation Overview -- Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas

One of the affordable housing areas in the community.

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Pinnacle Hunt Communities has been selected by the U.S. Air Force to develop, construct, and manage Goodfellow Air Force Base family housing. During the five-year initial development period, Pinnacle Hunt Communities will build 143 new homes, renovate 96 homes, and maintain two homes that require no renovation for a total end-state of 241 homes. New neighborhood and community recreational facilities will also be built within the family housing areas, including: tot lots and play lots; group picnic/BBQ areas; basketball, tennis and volleyball courts; multi-use trails linking the neighborhoods; a welcome/community center with fitness areas; a softball field; a maintenance/self-help facility; a soccer/multi-purpose field/neighborhood park; and maximization of trees and green space.

At the present time, Goodfellow AFB has one Squadron Officer's Quarters (SOQ) reserved for the Installation Commander. There are 296 enlisted units (duplex and quadplex). Ninety-nine of these units are located on base (Lanham Housing) and 200 leased units are located near Lake Nasworthy. All units are fully carpeted, have central heat/air, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and washer/dryer connections. There are no Company Grade Officer quarters at Goodfellow.

There is a waiting list for all quarters. The waiting period ranges between 12-36 months, depending on category and bedroom requirements (see chart). It is advisable to submit an advanced application using DD Form 1746 (APPLICATION FOR ASSIGNMENT TO HOUSING). The application may be submitted by mail or FAX. The application needs to be submitted along with PCS orders. The effective date of application is the first of the month prior to the reporting month. For example, if you report anytime in the month of July, your effective date will be 01 June.

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