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Fort Irwin, California


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Population/Major Units Assigned
Fort Irwin, California

Fort Irwin celebrates the U.S. Army's 233rd birthday

Photo courtesy U.S. Army; Photo Credit: Etric Smith,

Population: 4,960 active duty, 5,103 family members, 3,469 civilian employees. 4,000 to 6,000 rotational personnel at any given time.

Major Units Assigned: 11th Armored Cavalary Regiment; 1st Squadron, 11th ACR "Ironhorse"; 2nd Squadron, 11TH ACR "Eaglehorse"; C Det, 203rd Military Intelligence; DENTAC; Det 6, 57th WG Det "Ravens Air Warriors"; MEDDAC; NTC Support Battalion; Operations Group; Support Squadron, 11TH ACR; US Army Garrison; USACIDC

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