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Fort Irwin, California


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Location/Driving Directions

Fort Irwin is located approximately 37 miles northeast of Barstow, California in the High Mojave Desert midway between Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California.

The installation is surrounded by desert hills and mountains. The desert terrain supports little vegetation which consists mainly of mesquite, creosote, yuccas, and other low growing plants. The desert brings beautiful sunsets, blue skies, sunny days and wide-open vistas that bring a sense of freedom to many. Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead are found two hours away for those desiring to see tall trees and lakes.
Fort Irwin is accessible via Interstate Highways 40 and 15 and State Highways 58 and 247. If possible, you should plan your arrival during daylight hours especially if you have reservations at the Landmark Inn on post as the desert can be very dark at night and roads are not well lit. There are no gas stations between Barstow and Fort Irwin.

Arriving via highway 58: Recently completed construction (which maps do not reflect) now feeds Highway 58 into I-15. Take I-15 North towards Barstow/Las Vegas.
For those proceeding directly to Fort Irwin, exit I-15 on Fort Irwin Road. Coming from the east (I-15 South), the turn-off is prior to arriving in Barstow. Coming from the west (I-15 North), the turn-off is approximately 6 miles past Barstow. After turning, the mileage marker will read 31 miles to Fort Irwin.

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