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Fort Irwin, California


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Fort Irwin Overview
Fort Irwin, California

Fort Irwin is a world class training center for America's Soldiers, known for its excellent desert training.

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Located in the Mojave Desert in northern San Bernardino County, California, Fort Irwin serves as the Army's premier training center. With approximately 1000 square miles for maneuver and ranges, Fort Irwin is an ideal site for the National Training Center.

President Franklin Roosevelt established the Mojave Anti-Aircraft Range as a military reservation in 1940. In 1942, it was renamed Camp Irwin, in honor of Major General George Irwin, commander of the 57th Field Artillery Brigade during World War I.

The primary mission of Fort Irwin today is to provide realistic joint and combined arms training concentrated on developing soldiers, leaders, and units of America's Army. This is accomplished by pitting soldiers against the harsh environment, and adding a determined and menacing opposing force. Additionally, the NTC provides a crucial supply of experience based information and data vital to doctrine, equipment, training and force development to prepare for success in the Global War on Terrorism and future joint battlefields.

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