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Fort Rucker, Alabama


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On-post living at Fort Rucker offers a safe community and many amenities commonly found in upscale residential communities. On-post living also saves you money and allows you to maintain your military lifestyle.

Corvias Military Living manages three neighborhoods at Fort Rucker, with each neighborhood having 400 to 600 homes. Every home has either been replaced or greatly improved and all new homes are comparable to those being constructed off-post. The renovated homes are like-new. Corvias Military Living has made every attempt to see that neighborhoods are designed with ideal home counts so that each Family will be able to obtain personalized service from dedicated neighborhood and maintenance teams. These teams are located in the neighborhood center of each neighborhood for convenience to the services it offers families. Families have access to services free of charge at the center including: a pool, exercise center, kitchen, multi-purpose room, computer room and outdoor activity areas. Each neighborhood has an extensive trail and park system. Additionally, Families have access to a community garden and a Bark Park for their dogs. 

The partnership between Corvias Military Living and the Army is for the long-term, and focuses on the sustainability of the homes. Construction focused on safety, low environmental impact and reduced disruptions for families. Upgrading and replacement will continue over the next 50 years. Residents are able to experience the effects of the privatization process through improved services, maintenance and repair and community amenities.

Single Unaccompanied Personnel are also able to live in on-post housing. They have the option to pay their full without dependant rate BAH and live in a home by them self, or they are able to have a roommate and the two together can pay the with dependant rate BAH for the home, allowing them to pocket part of their BAH.

If you are interested in living in on-post housing, call the Relocation Office, located in Bldg. 5700, at 334-503-3644 or 866-525-HOME.

Permanent party staff sergeants and above have the option to reside on or off post. Phone 255-1205/3705

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