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Fort Rucker, Alabama


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Location/Driving Directions
Fort Rucker, Alabama

Fort Rucker, Alabama, is located in the southeast corner of Alabama. It is approximately 80 miles south of Montgomery, and 20 miles northwest of Dothan. Florida's Gulf Coast lies 80 miles to the south. The communities of Enterprise, Daleville, and Ozark are west, south and east of the post.

Entry to Fort Rucker is through three main gates: the Ozark Gate from the east, the Daleville Gate from the south and the Enterprise Gate from the west.

Driving Directions
From Dothan Airport (DHN)

Start out going SOUTHWEST on FLIGHT LINE DR toward CENTRAL ST (0.9 miles)
Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto NAPIER FIELD RD/CR-112 (1.7 miles)
NAPIER FIELD RD/CR-112 becomes AL-134 (0.6 miles)
Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto ramp. (0.2 miles)
Merge onto US-231 N/AL-53 N. (14.4 miles)
Turn LEFT onto AL-249 (6.8 miles)
End at Fort Rucker

From Montgomery

Start out going NORTH on S UNION ST (<0.1 miles)
Merge onto I-85 N/MARTIN LUTHER KING JR EXPY (4.8 miles)
Merge onto US-231 S/US-80 W/AL-21 S via EXIT 6 toward TROY (3.3 miles)
Turn LEFT onto US-231 S/US-82 E/TROY HWY. Continue to follow US-231 S (73.7 miles)
Turn RIGHT onto AL-27 (6.8 miles)
End at Fort Ruck

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