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Married Army Couples Program

Regulatory guidance for the Married Army Couples Program (MACP) can be found in AR 614-200 (Enlisted Assignments and Utilization Management), AR 614-30 (Overseas Service), and AR 614-100 (Officer Assignment Policies, Details, and Transfers).

Married, regular army couples desiring assignments to establish a common household may request enrollment in the MACP. When one member of the couple is not an active army soldier, they may not enroll in the program but may request reassignment to join their spouse if they are married to a member of another U.S. military service or to a member of the reserve components who is called to active duty for one year or more.

Married army couples must be enrolled on the HQDA Total Army Personnel Data Base (TAPDB) to be considered for joint assignment. Under the MACP, both soldiers will be considered for a joint assignment at the point when either of the two is nominated by Total Officer Personnel Management System (TOPMIS) or the Enlisted Distribution Assignment System (EDAS). If the assignment is from continental U.S. to overseas, PERSCOM will coordinate the two requirements with the appropriate overseas command or liaison office. Both soldiers will receive their assignments/pinpoint assignments in the same TOPMIS/EDAS cycle, or the special instructions in the assignment instructions will state that a married Army couple assignment was considered but could not be accommodated.

Enrollment is a simple process of verifying that two soldiers are married to one another and having this information transmitted from the servicing military personnel division/personnel service battalion to the TAPDB. A separate standard installation/division personnel system transaction is required for each spouses' social security number and component (i.e., commissioned, warrant, or enlisted) to be entered on the master files of both soldiers. Once enrolled, both soldiers will be continuously considered for joint assignments. Enrollment in the MACP guarantees that both soldiers will be considered for a joint assignment. Although readiness is the number one priority, the Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate strives to accommodate joint domiciles whenever possible.

Our latest review revealed 21,919 enlisted soldiers enrolled in the MACP. Of that number, 17,661 (81 percent) were serving on joint domicile assignments.

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