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Army Assignments & Moving

Army Assignments & Moving. Information and Resources about the Army assignments system and Army moving.

Army Restructuring to include Dismantling of The "Band of Brothers"
In order to cut spending, the Army announced in June that at least 12 combat brigades nationwide are to be eliminated by 2017 under sweeping military reductions. Among the combat brigades planned to be cut is the 4th Brigade Combat Team, the Band of Brothers.

Assignment Swaps
Did you know that a soldier at one Army installation can agree to "swap" assignments with a soldier at another installation, as long as it doesn't cost the government any money?

Branch Detail Program
Each year, approximately 4,000 second lieutenants are commissioned into the Active Army. Certain shortage branches (such as infantry) have the greatest need for new junior officers, while other branches (such as Intelligence) doesn't need as many brand-new lieutenants, but does require officers with more seniority. Enter the Army Branch Detail Program.

Command Sergeant Major Assignments
Procedures used for selection of the Army's highest enlisted grade for various assignment positions.

Compassionate Reassignments
Information about the U.S. Army's Compassionate Reassignment/Deletion/Deferment and Attachments Program.

Corporal Recruiter Program
The Corporal Recruiter Program began in 1999 on a trial basis, and has since allowed more than 300 privates first class and specialists to serve one-year recruiting tours. The program goal is to bring young, spirited Soldiers into recruiting to tell the Army story to their civilian peers.

Corporal Recruiting Program
Selected PFCs can volunteer for recruiting duty, and be laterally promoted to Corporal. Here are the details of this program.

Drill Sergeant Duty
The drill sergeant campaign hat is one of the most prestigious and sought-after uniform items in the military inventory. The mission of training tomorrow’s Soldiers is a dautning task, not to be taken lightly. Enter the Army Drill Sergeant School. The the school is not designed to take seasoned NCOs back to basic training, but rather to get them back to the basics.

Dual Military Couples
Being a member of a dual-military couple presents a unique set of challenges, still, many choose to endure the hardships, finding a balance between their marriages and their careers.

Email Assignment Notifications
The Army Human Resources Command will be using the Internet as a means to maintain up-to-date information on enlisted Soldiers to help them choose assignments and manage their careers. In early March (2004), HRC will begin notifying Soldiers of their next duty assignment within 90 days of their departure, by e-mailing the information to their Army Knowledge Online e-mail addresses.

Europe Deactivations and Transfers
This year (2005), U.S. Army, Europe converts, inactivates and returns numerous units to the United States as part of Defense Department transformation efforts.

Exceptional Family Member Program
Overview of the Army Exceptional Family Member Program.

Foreign Area Officers (FAO)
The Army is seeking commissioned officers to volunteer for the special duty of Foreign Area Officer. Often described as Soldier-statesman, FAOs spend more than half their careers in foreign embassies serving as attachés, security assistance officers, staff advisors on military affairs and operations, and liaison officers to foreign militaries.

HIV Positive Assignment Policy
Army policy on assignments and assignment restrictions for personnel who are HIV positive.

Korea Assignments
This was posted in our message forum, in response to a message from a new Army recruit with orders to Korea, asking about what it is like to be stationed in Korea as an Infantry member. This response was so informative, I thought I would reproduce it here.

Married Couples
Overview of the Army Married Couples Assignments Program.

Overseas Tour Extension Incentives
Monetary and other incentives to extend an overseas tour.

Get Help Moving
A great way to find out about your next duty station. Searchable database provides information on housing, schools, and work at Army posts.throughout the World.

Hardship Transfers/Deferments
Explaination of, and procedures for applying for a Hardship PCS move, or deferment from PCS move in the Army.

One Stop Army Housing provides information about Army housing all over the World.

Married Army Couples Program
Army policy of assigning married couples together.

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