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The Army Weight Control Program

Regulatory guidance for The Army Weight Control Program can currently be found in AR 600-9, The Army Weight Control Program, and Interim Change No. 1 (IO1) in the Interim Action Change Packet for All Ranks Personnel Update 15, dated 4 March 1994. However, AR 600-9 will be updated and revised in fiscal year 2000. The I01 will remain in effect until superseded by the revised AR 600-9.

The Army Weight Control Program sets forth standards and provides incentives designed to motivate soldiers to comply with Army standards. When soldiers fail to comply (including soldiers who become pregnant while on the weight control program), promotion, command assignments, and school attendance are affected. A soldier's reenlistment eligibility may also be affected by the soldier being overweight.

Soldiers flagged (DA Form 268, Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions) under the provisions of AR 600-8-2, Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (Flags), for being overweight are reassignable and deployable. On reassignment from one unit to another, the flag and weight control records are transferred to the gaining unit.

All soldiers scheduled to attend professional military schooling must be screened prior to departing their home station or losing command. Soldiers exceeding the established screening table weight will not be allowed to depart their command until the commander has determined they meet body fat composition standards.

Soldiers arriving at any DA board select school or those who make a permanent change of station (PCS) to a professional military school overweight will be processed for disenrollment and, if applicable, removed from the DA board select list. The soldier will be notified in writing of the proposed action, basis for action, and the consequences of denied enrollment and removal from the selection list. The soldier will then be afforded an opportunity to submit a rebuttal but must do so within five working days of disenrollment or removal notification. The approval authority in such cases is the soldier's general courts-martial convening authority. If enrollment is denied, the soldier will be reported as immediately available for assignment and attached to the installation (not school) pending assignment instructions from PERSCOM.

Soldiers arriving at professional military schools (other than DA Board or PCS schools) overweight will be denied enrollment without further processing and reassigned as follows:

o Soldiers arriving for training in a temporary duty (TDY) and return basis will be immediately returned to their home station.

o Soldiers arriving for training TDY enroute will be attached to the training installation and reported to PERSCOM for clarification of their follow-on assignment instructions.

Commanders will remove soldiers administratively from the Weight Control Program as soon as the body fat standard is achieved, and lift the suspension of favorable personnel action on the soldier. The removal action correspondence will be filed in the soldier's military personnel jacket for 36 months from date of action.

If satisfactory progress is not made after a period of six months in the weight control program, and no medical reason exists to cause the overweight condition, the unit commander will initiate a mandatory bar to reenlistment under AR 601-280 or administrative separation proceedings IAW AR 635-200, chapter 18.

If a unit commander determines within 12 months following removal from a weight control program that a soldier exceeds the body fat standard and no underlying or associated disease process is found as the cause of the condition, the unit commander will initiate separation proceedings.

Soldiers who meet the weight standards and become pregnant will be exempt from the weight standards for the duration of the pregnancy plus the period of six months after termination of pregnancy. If required, they will be entered in a weight control program after completion of the six months following termination of pregnancy provided approval has been granted from a medical doctor that they are fit for participation.

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