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The sergeant operates in an environment where the sparks fly. The sergeant can be  accurately described as being where the axe meets the stone. Although not the lowest level of rank where command is exercised, this level is the first at which enlisted soldiers are referred to as sergeant, and of all the grades of the NCO, this one, very possibly, has the greatest impact on the lower ranking soldiers. Privates, who are the basic manpower strength and grade of the Army, generally have sergeants as their first NCO leader. It is the grade sergeant that the privates will look to for example.

Like the next grade, the staff sergeant, the sergeant is responsible for the individual training, personal appearance and the cleanliness of their soldiers.

The sergeant is also responsible for insuring that:

* Each member of their unit is trained to competency in their MOS as prescribed in the appropriate soldiers manual.

* All government property issued to members of their unit is properly maintained and accounted for at all times and discrepancies are promptly reported.

* While on duty status, they be ready at all times to report to the location and activity of all members of their unit.

* Their unit is trained to function in its primary mission role.

The authority of the sergeant is equal to that of any other grade or rank of the NCO. Often, however, a lack of delegation of authority by superiors improperly limits the sergeant’s ability to act. Professionally competent leaders inherently command respect for their authority and the sergeant must be unquestionably competent in order to carry out the mission correctly, accomplish each task and care for assigned soldiers.

The rank of sergeant is not a position for learning how to become a leader, no apprenticeship here. While certainly the new sergeant will be developing new skills, strengthening old ones and generally getting better, he is a sergeant!!! and is therefore, no less a professional than those grades of rank to follow.

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