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Army Commissioned Officer Career Information
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General Information



One Team, One Fight, One Future

Officer Leader Development

Leader development process

Pillars of leader development

Leader development studies and principles

Leader development and the Officer Education System

The Officer Personnel Management System (OPMS) and Career Management

Factors affecting OPMS

OPMS concept

Career patterns

Joint officer professional development

Company grade (O-1 through O-3) development

Major (O-4) development

Lieutenant colonel (O-5) development

Colonel (O-6) development

Assignment process and considerations

Individual career management

Officer Education

Branch or functional area development courses

Nonresident schools and instruction

Military schools

Foreign schools

Language training

Aviation training

Precommand course

Application for military schools

Release from current assignment and consecutive tours

Service obligation

Civilian education

Education programs

Tuition assistance

Eligibility criteria and application procedures

Officer Promotions

Promotion process objectives

Statutory requisites

Active Duty List

Promotion process

Promotion flow

Below-the-zone (BZ) promotions

Competitive categories

General Procedures

Officer Evaluation System


Officer Evaluation Reporting System

Officer Evaluation System General Information

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