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United States Army

Basic Training Operating Instructions

Control of Soldiers


Rifle Bayonet Training



Obstacle/Confidence Course


Hand To Hand Combat

Weapons Training - Recoiless Rifle

Weapons Training - Shot Grouping

Weapons Training - Zeroing

Downrange Feedback

Weapons Training - Practice and Record Fire


Hand Grenades

Initial Tactical Training (ITT) 2, 3

Initial Tactical Training (ITT) 5, 7, 4, 8

US Weapons/ITT 6 Night Infiltration

Drill Competition

Post Detail

End Of Cycle Test (EOCT)

Field Training Exercise (FTX)

Graduation/Family Day

Awards Supper

Blood Donor

Central Issue Facility/Central Initial Issue Point

Shipment/Outprocessing/EOC Inspection/AAR

End of Cycle Barracks Inspection

Regional Corrections Facility (RCF) Motivational Tour

Preexisting Medical Conditon Discharges

Entry Level Separation (ELS)

Mental Evaluation

Sick Call

Duty Platoon

Range Procedures

Suicide Prevention

Honor Platoon

Relief In Place Checklist

Emergency Fire Fighting Detail (EFFD)

NBC Chamber

Initiation (Guidon) Ceremony

Rite of Passage Ceremony

Army Core Values

Counseling / Constructive Credit

Basic Training Task Completion Checklist

Commander's Briefing (Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Presentation)

Range Illustration (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint)

End of Course Briefing (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint)

Training Ethics Card (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint)

Extremist Briefing (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint)

Note: These Operating Instructions were derived from a set of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for a United States Army Infantry Basic Training Battalion. While SOPs might differ somewhat from batallion to batallion, it should give a basic idea of the instructions that Drill Sergeants and basic training staff members operate under.

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