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Infantry Scouts
When on the front lines with the infantry, there are two kinds of people – the quick and the dead. But for the Army's infantry scouts, it’s a different story. The motto is "Don't be seen.".

Army Intel Snipers
It's a whole new mission. One of reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition. In other words, Long Range Surveillance Detachments (LRSD) have the job of observing areas for improvised explosive devices, and indirect fire activity, and -- if ordered by the combatant commander -- eliminating insurgents with their sniper rifles.

Special Recruiter's Assistance Program
Through the Special Recruiter Assistance Program, or SRAP, eligible Soldiers can serve on temporary duty up to 14 days (including travel expense reimbursement, and per diem) at the recruiting station nearest their hometown. The program is open to enlisted Soldiers age 25 or younger in stateside units who have served overseas in support of Operations Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom.

Air Force Security Forces in Afghanistan
At technical school on Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, all security forces airmen commit three general orders to memory: protect personnel and property, report all violations, and sound the alarm in cases of emergency. In Afghanistan, security forces also uphold a locally implemented General Order No. 4: "I am my brother's and my sister's keeper."

Army Fraternization Policy
Army fraternization policies are contained in Army Regulation 600-20, Army Command Policy. This article covers the requirements of this regulation.

Combat Medics -- Going Where the Action Is
From surgical care to physical therapy to blood supplies, the military medical system is moving its assets closer to the front lines to be more responsive to patient needs and, when possible, to return wounded troops to duty faster.

U.S. Cavalry -- Earning Spurs
Today’s cavalrymen earn their spurs in much the same manner as the knights of yore. They can be awarded to Soldiers serving in a combat zone, or in peacetime to Soldiers who participate in a “Spur Ride” -- a series of tests and tasks led by a spur-qualified non-commissioned officer, designed to test the candidates’ initiative, military expertise and endurance.

Sapper Tab
A new Sapper tab for combat engineers is now authorized for wear by qualified Soldiers on their left shoulder. Until this summer, only the Special Forces tab and the Ranger tab were authorized for wear above the unit patch on the left shoulder.

New Army Master Chief Warrant Officer Insignia
As warrant officers across the Army celebrated the 86th birthday of their Warrant Officer Corps July 9 (2004), they removed the distinctive 'Rising Eagle' insignia from their collars and replaced it with the insignia of the branches they serve. Top warrant officers also received a new chief warrant officer 5 rank to wear -- a silver bar with a single black stripe in the middle.

New Army Combat Uniform
The Army will be fielding a new combat uniform designed by NCOs and tested by Stryker Brigade Soldiers in Iraq since October. There were 20 changes made to the uniform, to include a new digitized camouflage pattern of wrinkle-free design, and tan combat boots which will replace the current black boots.

U.S. Army Ranger Creed
The Creed of the U.S. Army Ranger -- the code of conduct that all U.S. Army Rangers swear to follow.

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