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United States Army

United States Army. Information and resources about the United States Army, including informative sites and information pages on history, polices, discharges, regulations, weapons, reenlistments, special forces, special operations, regulations, forms, job descriptions (MOS Listings), and more.
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Enlisted Job (MOS) Descriptions
The Army calls their enlisted jobs MOSs, or "Military Occupation Specialties." The Army has around 190 MOSs available for enlisted Soldiers. Similar specialties are divided into "branches" or "fields." Below are the Army enlisted job fields. Click on each field so see a list of MOS's that fall under that branch, as well as links to complete...

Surviving Army Basic Training
Part III of a multi-part article about military basic training. In this part, all about Army Basic Training.

The Army’s assignments branch is reaching out to soldiers who have not deployed to combat in an effort to take some of the strain off of those who have deployed more than once.

"Truck Drivers" in Combat Zones
The front line of the war used to consist of chasing anti-Coalition forces through cities. The front line has since moved to the highways and supply routes and the Soldiers fighting on it are no longer exclusivley infantryman, but also truck drivers.

Army Field Band
The Field Band recruits instrumentalists and vocalists to make up its four main ensembles: the Concert Band, Soldiers’ Chorus, Jazz Ambassadors and the Volunteers. However, unlike most Army jobs, where a high school graduate with no experience is recruited and trained by the Army, the Field Band recruits from the best music schools, and even then selects only the very best.

Army Laser Eye Surgery Policies
While there are limits on the kinds of surgery aviation, special forces, diving and HALO (High-Altitude, Low-Opening) students may have, the Army now allows the surgery for most occupational specialties.

Army Reorganization
The Army will grow to 510,000 soldiers over the next four years as a temporary measure. The focus gives the Army the opportunity to rebalance and reset the forces using the lessons learned from the most recent combat. The Army is putting in place more than 100,000 structural changes.

Aviation (Flying) Medical Physicals
These pages list medical conditions which are disqualifying for selection for Army Aviation Duty, for Flight Class I, 2, 3, and 4 Medical Examinations.

Pictorial display of Army badges, along with detailed award criteria.

Battle Dress Uniform Phase Out
The Army News Service has announced the final wear-out date for the Army Battle Dress Uniform and Desert Battle Dress Uniform.

Beret History
Military forces have worn distinctive uniform items for centuries to create a psychological advantage and boost their esprit de corps, but the United States Military use of berets is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Body Piercing
The Army's official position and policy on body piercing, according to Army Reg 670-1.

Cavalry -- Earning Spurs
Today’s cavalrymen earn their spurs in much the same manner as the knights of yore. They can be awarded to Soldiers serving in a combat zone, or in peacetime to Soldiers who participate in a “Spur Ride” -- a series of tests and tasks led by a spur-qualified non-commissioned officer, designed to test the candidates’ initiative, military expertise and endurance.

Chain of Command (Organization)
I'm often asked what the elements of command are for the U.S. Army. While this can change somewhat based upon the type of unit, the basic elements for the Army can be found here.

CID Agents
During peacetime and war, CID agents investigate all felony crimes in which the Army has an interest, provide protective services for key Department of Defense and Army leadership, and work closely with other Federal, state and local law enforcement and intelligence agencies to solve crime and combat terrorism.

Civil Affairs
Army Civil Affairs Soldiers (MOS 38A) are the interface between civil and military operations. Civil affairs teams help with rebuilding by assisting the different levels of governments to rebuilding themselves.

Class A Uniform
Photos and wear instructions for the United States Army Class A (Service Dress) Uniform.

Clearing Mine Fields
Clearing minefields is a long, slow, time-consuming process, and there is no room for error

Clearing Mine Fields
The first time Spc. Richard Felix ran over an anti-tank mine, he admits he was a little rattled, but for him and his fellow sappers of Company B, 41st Engineer Battalion, 10th Mountain Division, driving through a minefield is just a routine day on the job.

Combat Medics -- Going Where the Action Is
From surgical care to physical therapy to blood supplies, the military medical system is moving its assets closer to the front lines to be more responsive to patient needs and, when possible, to return wounded troops to duty faster.

Combat Patch Rules
The Army has changed its policy on the wear of combat patches as a result of the way Soldiers and their units now deploy.

Commissioned Officer Career Information
Detailed information for commissioned officer careers, including information about promotions, assignments, evaluation reports, education programs and requirements, and more.

Counter Fire Platoons
For 18 hours a day, the Soldiers work through heat, wind and rain, awaiting the two words that are music to a field artilleryman’s ears: counter fire. In the last seven months, the platoon has fired more than 100 missions to help deter terrorists, more than any other unit in the Baghdad area.

Drill Sergeants
The drill sergeant campaign hat is one of the most prestigious and sought-after uniform items in the military inventory. The mission of training tomorrow’s Soldiers is a dautning task, not to be taken lightly. Enter the Army Drill Sergeant School. The the school is not designed to take seasoned NCOs back to basic training, but rather to get them back to the basics.

Dual Military Couples
Being a member of a dual-military couple presents a unique set of challenges, still, many choose to endure the hardships, finding a balance between their marriages and their careers.

Duties of a Corporal
Official duties of a corporal in the United States Army.

Duties of a First Sergeant & Master Sergeant
The official duties of a First Sergeant & a Master Sergeant in the United States Army.

Duties of a Sergeant
The official duties of a Sergeant in the United States Army.

Duties of a Sergeant First Class
The official duties of a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army.

Duties of a SGM/CSGM
The official duties of a Command Sergeant Major & a Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army.

Duties of a Staff Sergeant
The official duties of a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army.

Early Release to Benefit Army Recruiting
The Army has established a new program which allows enlisted members and officers to apply for early separation in order to participate in activities with recruiting and public affairs beneficial to the U.S. Army. Exceptional personnel with unique talents and abilities may be released from active duty when there is a strong expectation they will provide the Army with significant favorable media exposure likely to enhance national recruiting or public affairs efforts.

Early Separation for Non-Deployers
The Army has announced a new program which affects active duty enlisted Soldiers with more than 3 years but less than 71 months of service.

Enlisted Career Information
Latest information, specific to MOS, about what is happening in your Army Career.

Enlisted Insignia History
History of the U.S. Army enlisted insignia. This page makes for fascinating reading.

Exemptions from Combat Duty
It is Army policy that assignment to combat or duty in a hostile-fire or areas must be shared equitably by all similarly qualified Soldiers. There are however, some notable exceptions to this policy.

Fact Files
Photos, descriptions, and facts about U.S. Army major weapons systems, equipment & Army major commands.

Flags on Uniforms
All Soldiers can now wear the U.S. flag insignia on the right shoulder of their utility uniform, as a continued reminder that the Army is engaged in a war at home and abroad. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker approved the uniform item Feb. 11 (2004), and all Soldiers have until Oct. 1, 2005 to get the insignia sewn on their uniforms.

Foreign Area Officers (FAO)
The Army is seeking commissioned officers to volunteer for the special duty of Foreign Area Officer. Often described as Soldier-statesman, FAOs spend more than half their careers in foreign embassies serving as attachés, security assistance officers, staff advisors on military affairs and operations, and liaison officers to foreign militaries.

Army fraternization policies are contained in Army Regulation 600-20, Army Command Policy. This article covers the requirements of this regulation.

The rank of U.S. Army general is the most senior in that branch of the armed services. It is designated as O-10 on the military pay scale. The insignia for an Army general, worn on the shoulder, consists of a row of four stars.

Grooming Standards
Each of the military services impose grooming standards on their military personnel, as part of their Dress & Appearance, or Uniform Regulations. Here are the grooming standards for the United States Army.

High-Tech Training
The Joint Fires and Effects Training System debuted at Fort Sill Sept. 8, with visiting dignitaries and post officials attending the premier of the new, high-tech training system that incorporates real-time, photo-realistic graphics, surround sound and artificial intelligence. Because the technology is still being developed, actors portraying Soldiers demonstrated the eventual JFETS capabilities.

Army Tape Test
All of the services use a simple tape test to make the call on who’s too fat. The Army, Navy and Marine Corps use a basic height-weight body mass index tool as an initial assessment and then those who exceed weight limits get taped. Is it fair?

Increased Suicide Rates
With 102 confirmed suicides among active-duty and activated reserve-component Soldiers, 2006 had the highest number of cases since 1990. To date, 89 suicide deaths were confirmed in 2007 and 32 cases are still pending investigation results.

Indefinite Reenlistment Program
Basic information about the Army Indefinate Reenlistment Program for career soldiers.

Infantry Scouts
When on the front lines with the infantry, there are two kinds of people – the quick and the dead. But for the Army's infantry scouts, it’s a different story. The motto is "Don't be seen.".

Insignias & Plaques
Insignias, Plaques, Coat of Arms, and official colors for Army Branches.

Paternity Leave Policy
The Army has finally issued their paternity leave policy, becoming the last DOD service branch to do so. The FY 2009 Defense Authorization Act established a new program which allows up to ten days of non-chargeable leave for new fathers. The act leaves it up to the individual services to develop plans to implement the new benefit.

Inspector General
The Army inspector general’s office routinely investigates allegations of misconduct by Army officials at the rank of colonel or below. Complaints can be filed by soldiers, their family members, retirees, former soldiers or civilians working for the Department of the Army.

Inspector General
The Army inspector generals office routinely investigates allegations of misconduct by Army officials at the rank of colonel or below. Complaints can be filed by soldiers, their family members, retirees, former soldiers or civilians working for the Department of the Army.

Intel Snipers
It's a whole new mission. One of reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition. In other words, Long Range Surveillance Detachments (LRSD) have the job of observing areas for improvised explosive devices, and indirect fire activity, and -- if ordered by the combatant commander -- eliminating insurgents with their sniper rifles.

Involuntary Separations
Benefits authorized when one is separated against their will from the U.S. Army (honorable discharge).

Lieutenant General
A U.S. Army lieutenant general is the second-highest in command in that branch of the armed services. An Army lieutenant general sports a row of three stars as an insignia on his or her shoulder.

Major Commands
Pictorial of the United States Army Major Commands, including a map of the Headquarters Locations of the Command, along with a brief explanation of the command missions.

Major General
An Army major general ranks below lieutenant generals but above brigadier generals, making the position third from the top. Sometimes referred to as two-star generals, major generals wear an insignia on their shoulder bearing two stars.

Manning Levels
These charts list each Army enlisted MOS (job) within specific rank categories and show whether or not the Army considers the job to be undermanned, overmanned, or balanced.

MPs Deployed
Ever wonder what life is like for an Army Military Police (MP) company deployed to a hostile fire area? Well, hardly a day goes by when the soldiers of the 341st Military Police Company don't experience some sort of hostile activity.

New Army Combat Uniform
The Army will be fielding a new combat uniform designed by NCOs and tested by Stryker Brigade Soldiers in Iraq since October. There were 20 changes made to the uniform, to include a new digitized camouflage pattern of wrinkle-free design, and tan combat boots which will replace the current black boots.

New Daily PT Regimen
A team from the U.S. Army Physical Fitness School is visiting Army installations to teach a new exercise regimen that includes pull-ups, the shuttle sprint, squat bender, rower and forward lunge. There are no current plans to change the required PT test, just the way daily PT is conducted.

New Pay/Personnel System
The Army is getting ready to launch a new pay and personnel system in 2008 that will streamline personnel processes and integrate the active-duty, National Guard and Army Reserve components.

New Service Uniform
Army service uniforms will be streamlined to one blue Army Service Uniform. Currenly the Army has three variations of service uniforms -- green, blue and white.

Objective Force Warrior
Objective Force Warrior (OFW) is an Army Science and Technology Program that will provide the basis for a major system level block upgrade to the Land Warrior System.

Officer Career Information
Latest information on what is happening within your specific MOS.

Officer Job Descriptions
Detailed information about jobs and needed qualification to obtain those jobs for commissioned officers in the United States Army.

Officer Oath of Office
Oath of office for a commissioned officer in the United States Army.

Officer Rank History
History of Officer and Warrant Officer Rank and Insignia.

Online Weight Management Program
Soldiers can now participate in the Army’s weight management program from the comfort of their own home. The Army has launched an online version of “Weigh to Stay” to improve the program’s accessibility and convenience for Soldiers, families and retirees. The Weigh to Stay program is an Army requirement for Soldiers who have been “flagged” for weight.

Parachute Riggers
For the neediest citizens of Afghanistan, humanitarian and relief supplies often arrive in bundles attached to parachutes and dropped from Coalition aircraft to the ground. The Soldiers who make this mission happen are known as riggers because of their mission: rigging the bundles to parachutes and preparing them to withstand the exit from an aircraft, the descent and finally the impact with the ground.

Performance Report Appeals
Guidelines and procedures for appealing negative performance reports for officers and warrant officers.

Physical Fitness Calendar
Need to get in shape to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test? This 3-month calendar will help you work yourself up to a passing grade.

Physical Fitness Test (APFT)
Soldiers are required to take a physical fitness test at least twice per year. There are three events which are measured: push-ups, sit-ups, and a timed two-mile run.

Ranger Creed -- U.S. Military
The Creed of the U.S. Army Ranger -- the code of conduct that all U.S. Army Rangers swear to follow.

Reenlistment Standards
Soldiers may find it a little more difficult to reenlist in today’s Army thanks to a new policy that went into effect Jan. 15 (2003). The new retention policy makes it harder for soldiers with service records that do not meet Army standards to reenlist.

Sapper Tab
A new Sapper tab for combat engineers is now authorized for wear by qualified Soldiers on their left shoulder. Until this summer, only the Special Forces tab and the Ranger tab were authorized for wear above the unit patch on the left shoulder.

Background, Description, and Symbolism of the U.S. Army Seal. The traditional seal used during and since the Revolution was redesignated as the Seal of the Department of the Army by the National Security Act of 1947.

Service Dress Uniforms
Pictorial of the United States Army Service Dress uniform, including instructions on wearing insignia, decorations, badges, and devices on the uniform.

Singing Soldiers
For the last 50 years the U.S. Army Chorus, a component of the U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own,” has been America’s vocal ambassador to the world — from singing for private dinners with foreign high-ranking military officials, to state dinners at the White House, and community concerts in churches and concert halls across the country.

Sniper School
The Sniper has special abilities, training, and equipment. His job is to deliver discriminatory, highly accurate rifle fire against enemy targets that cannot be engaged successfully by the regular rifleman because of range, size, location, fleeting nature, or visibility.

Sometime during an operation to rescue downed Kiowa pilots in Tal Afar, Iraq, the enemy decided that the prospect of facing Stryker-mounted .50-caliber machine guns was better than taking chances with the snipers of the Fort Lewis, Wash.,-based 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry. After the first 15 minutes of covering the street, the enemy started running towards where the machine guns were firing.

Space Soldiers
Sending soldiers to outer space may seem an unusual mission for an army that does most of its business on the ground, but space is the Army’s 'high ground.' Discoveries made there help soldiers move and communicate on earth. Satellite technology, for example, was used to project troops to the battle in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Special Recruiter's Assistance Program (SRAP)
Through the Special Recruiter Assistance Program, or SRAP, eligible Soldiers can serve on temporary duty up to 14 days (including travel expense reimbursement, and per diem) at the recruiting station nearest their hometown. The program is open to enlisted Soldiers age 25 or younger in stateside units who have served overseas in support of Operations Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom.

Stars of Tomorrow
Each year, the Army runs a service-wide talent show to select members of their traveling Army Stars of Tomorrow show. The contest is open to Army active duty personnel and exceptions can be made for Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers. Each contestant, who advanced here through Installation Management Agency or Department of the Army levels, is allowed seven minutes to perform.

Suggestion Program
Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians can now go online to offer Army suggestions -- and possibly win some cash. The program seeks suggestions that improve work methods, materials, processes, equipment, logistics, utilities or tools that will benefit the Army. Implemented suggestions that save the Army money are often eligible for a cash award.

Suicide Rate (Combat Zones)
In 2003, 24 soldiers deployed to Kuwait and Iraq committed suicide — a rate of 17.3 per 100,000. The overall Army suicide rate during the same time period was 12.8 per 100,000 soldiers. This compares to the Army's rate of 12.2 for 2003 and 11.9 from 1995 to 2002.

Frequently asked questions about the Army policy on Tattoos.

United States Army Center for Military History -- Official information, photos, and paintings about various units, wars, and campaigns.

The Old Guard
Created in 1784 as the First American Regiment, The Old Guard was established after the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783, which stipulated that the United States would maintain a military force to protect land west of the Appalachian Mountains. Today The Old Guard, which has proven its worth in battle, has a two-fold mission — to protect America’s capital and to pay final tribute to America’s heroes.

Transfer to National Guard
The Army has announced a plan that will allow about 150 basic-branch lieutenants to leave active duty early so they can join a National Guard troop unit in fiscal 2010.

Uniform Wear by Retirees and Veterans
Retired military members and certain honorably discharged veterans may wear the US Military uniform on certain occasions.

The Seven Army Core Values.

Warrant Officer Corps History
Detailed history of the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Corps.

Warrant Officer Job Descriptions
Job descriptions and qualification standards for Army Warrant Officers.

Warrant Officer Selections
Warrant Officers are technical and tactical leaders who specialize, throughout an entire career, in a specific technical area. The Army Warrant Officer Corps comprises less than three percent of the total Army. Although small in size, the level of responsibility is immense and only the very best will be selected to become Warrant Officers.

Weight Charts
Soldiers are weighed at least twice per year (usually in conjunction with the Army Physical Fitness Test, to ensure they meet Army standards for weight and fitness.

Weight Control Program
Overview of the Army Weight Control Program.

What is it Like to be an Army MP?
What is it like to be an Army MP? A member of our message forum details the life, training, and duties.

The Golden Knights
Home Page for the United States Army Parachute Demonstration Team.

What do you think about the proposed changes for the Army in 2012?
Readers give their opinion on the proposed changes for the Army.

Army Changes 2012
Information about the unofficial account of the Army's quarterly board of directors meeting which was held in March of 2012.

Army Changes 2012
Information about the unofficial account of the Army's quarterly board of directors meeting which was held in March of 2012.

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