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Baccalaureate Degree Program for Enlisted Personnel


Updated April 14, 2007

The Community College of the Air Force has been granting fully-accredited Associate of Science degrees to Air Force enlisted personnel since 1975. The college is one of several federally chartered degree-granting institutions; however, it is the only 2-year institution exclusively serving enlisted personnel. The college awards the associate in applied science degree after a student successfully completes a degree program designed for an Air Force specialty.

Now the Air Force takes enlisted education one step farther with the establishment of a program designed to help enlisted personnel with a CCAF Associates degree obtain a Baccalaureate degree related to their Air Force specialty.

The Air University Associate-To-Baccalaureate Cooperative (AU-ABC) Program is an initiative between Air University and civilian higher education institutions to offer baccalaureate degree opportunities to every Air Force enlisted member. AU-ABC points Airmen with completed associate degrees to a collection of accredited “Air Force friendly” colleges and universities.

The Cooperative Program will operate on the Air Force Virtual Education Center and began pilot testing with selected schools in February 2007.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is AU-ABC?

AU-ABC is the Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative Program. AU-ABC is an initiative between the Air Force and civilian higher education institutions to offer baccalaureate degree opportunities to every Air Force enlisted member. The program directs Airmen with associate in applied science degrees to a collection of accredited “military friendly” colleges and universities to consider when completing a four-year degree.

What is the AU-ABC process for academic institutions?

    - Complete registration with the Academic Institution Portal
    - Review AAS degree programs and determine which baccalaureate degree programs at your institution meet the established criteria
    - Complete the proposal submission process by responding to a list of questions about your degree offerings
    - Submit proposal via the Academic Institution Portal for review

How do academic institutions participate?

Institutions that have an interest in participating in AU ABC must register on the Academic Institution Portal. The Air Force is currently conducting a pilot study to test the workflow processes and will begin accepting proposal submissions from all schools in June 2007.

What are the criteria for participating schools?

Academic institutions interested in having their programs reviewed for inclusion will need to:

    - Meet specific accreditation standards
    - Require no more that 60 semester hours after the AAS degree for a bachelor’s degree
    - Deliver instruction via distance learning
    - Maximize application of military credit
    - Relate degree programs to Air Force specialty

How can students enroll?

AU-ABC is currently conducting a pilot study and enrollment is not open to students. Once they are certain on-line processes are functioning as intended, schools will begin to submit their degree programs for review. AU-ABC intends to have some programs available on the AF Virtual Education Center for students by June 2007.

When can schools begin to submit proposals?

AU ABC is currently conducting a pilot study with a few schools to test workflow processes, which will be complete in April 2007. Interested schools will be able to submit proposals, once the study is complete. However, AU-ABC suggests that schools begin to review the list of questions and develop proposal submission so that they will be ready to complete the submission process once the date is announced. Here is the projected timeline:

  • Feb – Apr 2007 - Pilot Study
  • Apr-May 2007 – Open for submissions from all schools
  • Jun 2007 - Implementation; open for student enrollment
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