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Air Force Education & Training

Air Force Education & Training. There are plenty of opportunities for education and training in the United States Air Force. Here are links, articles, and information pages to describe many of these military training and education opportunities.

Senior NCO Academy
Beginning Jan. 1 (2010), all master sergeants must complete the 6½ week resident Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy before they are promoted to senior master sergeant (E-8).

Unarmed Combat Training in OTS
Air Force Officer Training School has began teaching officer candidates the fundamentals of unarmed combat.

Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program
The Air Force has established a new commissioning program for enlisted members who desire to obtain a bachelor of science degree in nursing and become a commissioned officer nurse in the United States Air Force. The program is called the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program, or NECP.

How to Become an Air Force Pilot
Becoming an Air Force pilot isnt easy. If you make it, you will be among the elite of the elite in the United States armed services. Heres what you need to do to try to reach this lofty goal.

Baccalaureate Degree Program for Enlisted Personnel
The Community College of the Air Force has been granting fully-accredited Associate of Science degrees to Air Force enlisted personnel since 1975. Now the Air Force takes enlisted education one step farther with the establishment of a program designed to help enlisted personnel with a CCAF Associates degree obtain a Baccalaureate degree related to their Air Force specialty.

Online Masters Degrees for Officers
Air University's Air Command and Staff College begins offering an online master's degree program in June (2007). Eligible officers will be able to enroll in an educational program that simultaneously fulfills Joint Professional Military Education and Air Force Intermediate Developmental Education requirements while allowing them to earn an accredited master's degree online.

Training Like the Army
More than 800 Airmen are attending Army ground combat skills training, preparing them for operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom deployments. The Airmen require the training because they will be assigned duties outside their normal Air Force specialties. In the near-term, these numbers are expected to increase substantially.

Air Force Aeromedical Evacuation Training
Digging defensive fighting positions, driving with night-vision goggles and during chemical warfare training and hiking in to camp sound like Army training -- right? They are actually part of the annual training required for Pope’s 43rd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron.

Interrogator School
More than 90 Airmen stood next to Soldiers when the first “bluesuiter” graduated from the U.S. Army Intelligence Center’s interrogator school at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. The graduation won’t be the last Airmen will attend at the school. The Air Force will recruit more volunteers for the course next year.

Learning Army Skills
A new battle cry has been heard around the ranges and barracks at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. Instead of the all too familiar ‘HOOAH,’ a strange and new guttural chant is catching on -- ‘AIRRP!’ The men and women who use the new phrase, which means ‘air power,’ are taking part in a joint effort which teaches Army skills to Airmen.

Security Forces Training
Air Force Security Forces Training now lasts 65 (academic) days instead of 51, and teaches security forces students about missile security, convoy actions, capture and recovery of nuclear weapons, law enforcement, directing traffic and nonlethal tactics such as using pepper spray and pressure points on a body.

Retraining Program
What happens if you don't get the job you want after you join the Air Force? Can you apply for a different job, later on during your enlistment period? Yes, with certain stipulations. The Air Force Enlisted Re-Training Program is the vehicle for Air Force Enlisted personnel who wish to re-train into a different job specialty.

Scholarships for Outstanding Airman to ROTC (SOAR)
The Scholarships for Outstanding Airman to ROTC (SOAR) offers active duty enlisted personnel the opportunity to earn a commission while completing their bachelor's degree as an Air Force ROTC cadet. Unlike the other enlisted commissioning programs, SOAR is basically a commander's program, which allows commanders to nominate outstanding enlisted personnel for a commission.

Technical School Training Restrictions
After boot camp, Air Force recruits attend technical training. During technical training, there are restrictions on what recruits can and cannot do while attending Air Force technical training.

Tuition Assistance (TA)
The Air Force's new 100 percent college tuition assistance program began on October 1, 2002, but there are limitations.

Airman Education and Commissioning Program
The Airman Education and Commissioning Program (AECP) offers active duty Air Force enlisted personnel the opportunity to earn a commission while completing their bachelor's degree. The applicants job is to go to school as a full-time college student. AECP ROTC cadets may participate in the program from one to 3 years, depending on their major, prior academic preparation, and age limitations.

Airman Scholarship and Commissioning Program (ASCP)
The Airman Scholarship and Commissioning Program (ASCP) offers active duty enlisted personnel the opportunity to earn a commission while completing their bachelor's degree as an Air Force ROTC cadet.

Is There a Doctor in the Dorm?
Among approximately 297,000 enlisted Airmen, 17 — or less than .01 percent — currently possess Ph.D.s or professional degrees in fields such as music, law and dentistry, according to Air Force Personnel Center statistics. The 17 enlisted men and women with doctorate and professional degrees range from senior airman to chief master sergeant. Others are working hard to join their ranks.

Bootstrap (Educational Leave of Absence)
In April of 2002, the Air Force replaced the "Bootstrap" Program with the Air Force Educational Leave of Absence Program (ELA). However, in the grand tradition of not letting go, most people in the Air Force still call the ELA "Bootstrap." Bootstrap (or ELA) allows Air Force members who are within two years of completing a college degree to go to college full time and complete the degree.

The Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning (AFIADL),a merger of the Air Force Distance Learning Office with the Extension Course Institute (ECI), has an enrollment, distribution, tracking, and testing system in place for distance learning courses that has been proven over the years.

7-Level Course Listing
Listing of current Air Force 7-Level Technical Courses, and available class dates.

Air and Space Basic Course
The Air and Space Basic Course is the first school in the Air Force's officer professional military education (PME) program. ABC is four weeks long. Newly commissioned officers with approximately one year or less total active federal commissioned service attend.

Air Command and Staff College
Professional Military Education for mid-level Air Force Officers.

Air Force Academy
Home Page for the United States Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy Changes Policies
When the Class of 2007 cadets reported for in-processing at the U.S. Air Force Academy in late June (2003), they found many new changes that are putting academy policies more directly in line with those of the active Air Force.

Air Force Airman Leadership School
If you want to make NCO status, you need this course. This site contains useful information about what to expect once you are selected to attend this first level of PME.

Air Force Extension Course Institute (ECI)
Official Air Force Web site for information about available online and correspondent professional and technical courses.

Air Force Institution of Technology (AFIT).
AFIT, located at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, is the Air Force's only graduate school and is a premier professional continuing education institution.

Air Force Noncommissioned Officers Academies
Central Web site which contains information concerning the Air Force NCO Academies' academic program, with links to specific bases which host the academy program.

Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy
The highest level of Air Force enlisted PME. Here, you can find out what to expect if you're selected to attend this comprehensive seven week course.

Air University
Professional Military Education, and continuing Education policies, procedures and information.

Air War College
Professional Military Education for senior Air Force officers.

AFOQT Sample Test
Sample test for the Air Force Officers Qualifying Test.

Altitude Chamber
Ever wondered what the "Atitude Chamber" is like? Here are some photos from a physiological flight training course (also known as a chamber ride) sponsored by the FAA and conducted at a USAF base.

College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education.

Up to date listing of AFSCs open for first-termers to retrain into.

CDCs Required
List of Air Force AFSCs (enlisted jobs), along with CDCs (Career Development Course) required for each. A CDC is a correspondance course used as part of the On-the-Job (OJT) Training Program, following technical school.

Combat Controller Training
Combat controllers set up air traffic control and perform close air support in remote locations. And it takes some time to groom them more than 24 months from start to finish. Trainees go from basic to advanced special operations skills. Physical, mental and emotional toughness are essential.

Combat Simulator for Security Forces
To help prepare Security Forces Airmen for a combat mission environments, the Air Force is using a combat-arms tactics and training simulator which gives students the feeling of being on an actual combat mission.

Community College of the Air Force
Earn an accredited two-year Associates Degree in your Air Force Specialty.

Air Force Countersnipers
The Air Force Countersniper School at Camp Joseph T. Robinson in Arkansas. The 15-day course, taught at the National Guard Marksmanship Center, gives security forces a boot camp on countersniper tactics and procedures. It also introduces them to the life of one of their key adversaries — the military sniper.

Dental Technicians to Train as Hygienists
The Air Force has teamed up with Trident Technical College in Charleston to send dental technicians to dental hygiene training scholarship program. Graduates of the program earn an associate degree at the end of the 14-month course.

Cronic Critical AFSC List
Jobs in the Air Force that the service has listed as cronic critical shortages.

Educational Opportunities
Educational opportunities in the Air Force, including tuition assistance, commissioning programs, G.I. Bill, etc.

Extension Course Institute
The Site for the Air Force's Official "Correspondence" programs.

Fitness Standards for Officer Accessions
The Air Force has changed their fitness standards for graduation from the Air Force Academy, AFROTC, and OTS, effective January 2004.

Intermediate Service Schools
Information and Contact Points for mid-level Air Force officers desiring to attend one of the Intermediate Service Schools.

Law School
Information about the Funded Legal Education Program for active duty Air Force officers, and the Air Force Law School ROTC Program.

Officer PME
Official Web Site for Officer Professional Military Education (PME) Information.

Officer Training School
OTS for applicants to become officers in the United States Air Force.

OTS Board Changes for FY 2004
The Air Force has announced Officer Training School (OTS) changes for fiscal year 2004. The information contains minimum qualifying GPAs, and announces limitations on pilot/nav, technical and non-technical boards.

OTS Selection Statistics
Statistical information (grade point average, number selected, AFOQT scores, ect) for recent selectees for Air Force Officer Training School (OTS).

OJT Statistics
Current Statistics for Air Force On-the-job Training.

OTS/UPT Journal
An excellent, on-going journal about Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) and undergraduate pilot training (UPT).

OTS/UPT Journal
Another great journal about Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) and undergraduate pilot training (UPT).

Physical Ability & Stamina Test (PAST)
Requirements for the Physical Ability & Stamina Test (PAST) given for individuals who wish to become Air Force Pararescuemen, or Combat Controllers. This test is required for those wishing to re-train into Pararescue or Combat Control.

Physcian Assistant Program
The Air Force conducts selection boards for enlistment members to become Physician Assistants (PA)s approximately once per year. Individuals selected are commissioned as second leutenants.

Pilot Qualifications
Detailed study of the qualification process the Air Force uses to select pilots. NOTE: This is a PDF document, and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Professional Officers Course Early Release Program
The Professional Officer Course-Early Release Program (POC-ERP) offers active duty airmen who can complete all degree and commissioning requirements within two years an opportunity for an early release from the active duty Air Force to enter the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC).

Retraining List
List of AFSCs (enlisted jobs) that are authorized to retrain into or retrain out of, when re-training criteria is met.

All about the Air Force Retraining program, including current listings of overage and underage skills.

Information about the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Program, or ROTC.

Security Forces School
Unofficial Web site for the Air Force Security Forces Academy. Information about the course, the facilities, and more.

Senior Service Schools
Information and contact procedures for Senior Air Force Officers who wish to attend one of the various Senior Service Schools.

Squadron Officers School
Information about the Air Force's Squadron Officer School.

Survival Instructor Training
Evading capture and eking out an existence is not necessarily based on how physically fit someone feels. The main ingredient is training, which is where the Air Force's survival, evasion, resistance and escape instructors come into play.

Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT)
All about the Air Force's pilot training program.

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