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Photos of United States Fighter Aircraft in Action:

F-4 "Phantom II"

F-4 #1
Good look at a crew readying for take off

F-4 #2
The classic shot of 2 F-4s intercepting a (then) Soviet Bear Bomber

F-4 #3
A flight of 5 Phantoms patrolling the clouds

F-4 #4
A very detailed look at an F-4 coming in for an in flight refuel

F-4 #5
Nice shot of a lone Phantom cruising through the clouds

F-4 #6
A loaded F-4 breaks hard right

F-4 #7
4 Phantoms in V formation, a KC-10 Extender off their right wing

F-4 #8
Maintenance troops working on a "Recce" in the hangar

F-4 #9
A flight of 3 Phantoms somewhere over Vietnam

F-4 #10
Close up side shot of 2 F-4s

F-4 #11
Cool end-of-runway shot as the F-4's J79s come to life

F-4 #12
An F-4E on the Randolph AFB flight line

F-4 #13
Nice trail shot of 2 Phantoms rolling out

F-4 #14
10 F-4s on the ramp getting ready for action

F-4 #15
VERY nice up close shot of a Phantom on the ramp

F-4 #16
4 "Wild Weasels" pass overhead in V formation

F-4 #17
Seven F-4s, high above the clouds with a KC-135 tanker

A-10 "Warthog"

A-10 #1
A Warthog rolling in, cannon blazing

A-10 #2
The ground crew at Osan AB readies an A-10 for a mission

A-10 #3
An older shot of 4 Warthogs in echelon formation

A-10 #4
Good looking view of 2 A-10s in trail formation

A-10 #5
A crew chief boards his Warthog for pre-flight

F-15 "Eagle"

F-15 Fact Sheet

F-15 #1
F-15 profile from Tyndall AFB

F-15 #2
Rear view of an F-15 in serious BBQ mode

F-15 #3
Front/top view

F-15 #4
F-15s rolling out at sunset

F-15 #5
Crew chief marshalling an F-15 out

F-15 #6
Good shot of a post landing check at the end of runway

F-15 #7
USAF Global Presence lithograph, F-15 style

F-15 #8
Eagle climbing up at a 45 degree angle

F-15 #9
An F-15, post launch, of an AIM-9 missile

F-15 #10
Very nice front shot of an F-15B model

F-15 #11
Side shot of an F-15 from Tyndall AFB

F-15 #12
3 Eagles from the 36th at Bitburg AB

F-15 #13
Very nice shot of an A model going vertical over Alaska

F-15 #14
Same as above, this time with a weapons view

F-15 #15
An Eagle bristling with 4 AIM-7s and 4 AIM-9s on it's hard points

F-15 #16
One of Tyndall AFB's F-15s coming in for a landing

F-15 #17
One of Soesterberg's F-15s parked outside a TAB-V

F-15 #18
Growling at the EOR as then sun comes up...

F-15 #19
Two of Soesterberg's F-15s in flight, one rolling out right off the wing

F-15 #20
An Eagle over the water

F-15 #21
View from the wing of Tyndall's flight line

F-15 #22
Side view of an Eagle from Soesterberg

F-15 #23
Side view of an ANG Eagle

F-15 #24
Side view of an Eagle from Bitburg

F-15 #25
And here's a Bitburg pilot readying his aircraft

F-15 #26
Overhead shot of an F-15 going feet wet

F-15 #27
Top down view of 2 Eagles

F-15 #28
Side view of an F-15 rolling left into the sunset

F-15 #29
Superior shot of an in flight refuel over the desert

F-15 #30
An Eagle on solo patrol

F-15 #31
Another excellent front-side view of the mighty F-15!

F-15 #32
Count those AB stages: 1- 8!

F-15 #33
Inflight side shot of a missile launch

F-15 #34
Top/side view of an Eagle from Soesterberg

F-15 #35
Unique pic of an experimental F-15, red/white/blue...

F-15 #36
3 Eagles in formation, loaded for bear!

F-15 #37
A lone F-15 cruising by Mount Ranier

F-15 #38
Another side shot of the experimental Eagle rolling out

F-15 #39
The ground crew of an Eagle gets down to business

F-15 #40
2 ANG F-15s in trail formation

F-15 #41
High color shot of an ACEII ejection seat test from an F-15

F-15 #42
Nice drawing of the symbol of the F-15: The American Eagle!

F-15 #43
A truly gorgeous sunset silhouette af an Eagle

F-15 #44
Night time shot of an F-15 experiencing a "blow out" during an engine run

F-15 #45
3 "E" models in trail formation

F-15 #46
An F-15E Strike Eagle -- up close and personal!

F-15 #47
Looking backwards on takeoff climb

F-15 #48
A very nice sunset flighline shot

F-15 #49
Side view of an F-15 out of Spangdahlem AB

F-15 #50
A Lakenheath F-15E, touching down

F-15 #51
Crew chief launching another Lakenheath "E" model out

F-15 #52
Side shot of the 58th Commander's "E model when they were at Luke AFB

F-15 #53
Side shot of the Wing CC's aircraft at Tyndall AFB

F-15 #54
Sharp side shot after rotation of an "E" model when they were at Luke AFB

F-15 #55
Sunset silhouette of an F-15 cockpit

F-15 #56
On top of the clouds with a Bitburg Eagle

F-15 #57
4 Eagles streaking low over the mountains

F-15 #58
Trail view of an F-15 in flight

F-15 #59
Flightline pic of 2 Eagles growling towards the EOR

F-15 #60
A Bitburg F-15 with an F-16 on his wing, high over the clouds

F-15 #61
4 Eagles out of Kadena escorting a B-52 high over the Pacific

F-15 #62
An "E" model supporting NATO sits outside it's hangar

F-15 #63
A Tyndall AFB Crew Chief checks out the vertical stab of an Eagle

F-16 "Fighting Falcon"

F-16 Fact Sheet

F-16 #1
Two F-16s in flight over the ocean

F-16 #2
F-16 screaming up through the clouds

F-16 #3
Front view of an F-16 in flight

F-16 #4
An F-16 cranking through a high G turn

F-16 #5
Three F-16s in formation from Luke AFB

F-16 #6
Nice in flight profile of an A model Falcon

F-16 #7
High cloud formation of 3 F-16s

F-16 #8
F-16s rolling on the flight line (B&W)

F-16 #9
Coming in from above

F-16 #10
Desert Storm attack

F-16 #11
Total package

F-16 #12
Fully loaded Falcon from Aviano ready to rock!

F-16 #13
An F-16 from Luke AFB with one of their former F-15Es on the wing

F-16 #14
USAF Global Presence lithograph, F-16 style

F-16 #15
USAF Airman art of an F-16 on the wing of a SU-27

F-16 #16
Falcon inverted with nice sunset as a backdrop

F-16 #17
Front view of an F-16 over a mountain range

F-16 #18
Falcon climbing up at a 45 degree angle

F-16 #19
Montage of F-16 maintenance troops in action

F-16 #20
An F-16 from Luke AFB over the desert

F-16 #21
Side view of a Falcon in full A/B at dusk

F-16 #22
An F-16 from Spangdahlem AB bursting through a fire cloud!

F-16 #23
The classic shot an F-16C climbing straight up through they sky

F-16 #24
Two Egyptian F-16s over the pyramids

F-16 #25
Up close view of several Falcon noses

F-16 #26
An F-16 viewed from the side over some gorgeous terrain

F-16 #27
Another vert shot of a Falcon from (now closed) Homestead AFB

F-16 #28
Stunning silhouette shot of an F-16 in the sun

F-16 #29
Very cool head-on look at a Falcon, loaded for bear

F-16 #30
Nice top front down look at a D model
F-16 #31
An Aggressor C model from the 527 AS, RAF Bentwaters, UK

F-16 #32
2 Falcon A models from Torrejon AB over a bull ring in Spain

F-16 #33
Top down look into the cockpit of an F-16

F-16 #34
Profile view of a Falcon from Luke AFB over the desert

F-16 #35
Portrait of the machine and the people that make it happen

F-16 #36
A Falcon waits it's turn at the EOR, while a Dutch F-104 is first in line

F-16 #37
Excellent trail shot of 4 Falcons, smoke on...

F-16 #38
Very unique shot of an F-16 rolling right, with a WWII Spitfire on the wing!

F-16 #39
Going vert with AB kickin' and wing tip smokers

F-16 #40
Lone Falcon in the sunset

F-16 #41
Another Aggressor from the 527th

F-16 #42
An F-16 cruising over a mountain range

F-16 #43
A Ramstein Falcon in flight

F-16 #44
Very cool moon-rise shot...

F-16 #45
An F-16 coming in "feet wet"

F-16 #46
A Falcon rising, with it's namesake too

F-16 #47
An OUTSTANDING shot of a Spang 16, castle in the background

F-16 #48
4 Falcons from Shaw AFB in tight formation

F-16 #49
2 16s looking good in silhouette, sun dropping

F-16 #50
One of Luke AFB's 16s rolling left

F-16 #51
Top down look at the Luke CC's Falcon over a canyon

F-16 #52
- [77K 8/6/97]
Good view of an A model from Hill AFB cruising the ranges

F-16 #53
An F-16 from Hill's AFRES, over the water

F-16 #54
Nice view of a Falcon's wingman

F-16 #55
Top down look into the cockpit of the F-16

F-16 #56
Side ramp view of one of Luke's old A models

F-16 #57
Up close and personal with the 16 on the ramp!

F-16 #58
Another head on look, with the American flag as a backdrop

F-16 #59
A lone Falcon on patrol over the desert

F-16 #60
Boomer's view of the F-16

F-16 #61
And here's yet another!

F-16 #62
Nice side inflight view of a Kunsan AB Panton

F-16 #63
2 ANG F-16s going vertical

F-16 #64
Inflight side shot of a Vermont ANG Falcon

F-16 #65
An A-16 rolling out and up

F-16 #66
A hush house engine run, clearly showing the awseome power of the F100!

F-16 #67
6 Falcons from Luke AFB over the Grand Canyon

F-16 #68
Nice shot of a Luke F-16, 60 degrees nose high
F-16 #69
An F-16, gear down, and rolling in

F-16 #70
Front view of a Falcon taxiing out

F-16 #71
Very nice side shot of 2 Luke Falcons, with the American flag as a backdrop

F-16 #72
A D model gets ready to roll, sunset framing the scene

F-16 #73
A look down the scenic flightline of the Tucson ANG

F-16 #74
A look at the newest F-16 tail flash -- AETC's Team Sheppard!

F-16 #75
4 Vipers going feet dry from Misawa AB, Japan

F-16 #76
An F-16 from Hill AFB drops a laser guided bomb

F-16 #77
Another nice side, desert shot of an F-16 from Luke AFB

F-16 #78
An artistic rendition of a Block 50 HARM launch

F-16 #79
The realistic tally of the destroyed SAM site underneath the canopy

F-16 #80
Good look at the Arizona ANG F-16 flightline

F-16 #81
Crew chief catching a Falcon after a mission

F-16 #82
An F-16 pilot checks out the cockpit prior to flight

F-16 #83
A side shot of an F-16 equipped with a HARM missile

F-16 #84
A very cool sillhouette shot of a Falcon in full blower!

F-16 #85
A 2 ship formation from Shaw AFB

F-16 #86
And a 3 ship formation from Shaw...

F-16 #87
Preparing to launch another Viper mission

F-16 #88
A weapons crew loads up a practice bomb on an 80FS "Juvat" Falcon at Kunsan AB

F-16 #89
The initial load of a HARM from it's casket to an F-16 hard point

F-16 #90
Finishing up the work as the HARM is set for the next mission

F-16 #91
Nice montage reflecting the USAF's 50th anniversary--shows an AT-9 "Fledgling" (circa 1947) flowing into the throughly modern "Fighting Falcon"

F-16 #92
Very sharp picture of a Juvat launch from Kunsan AB (Once packed, always packed!)

F-16 #93
Top down, in flight view an an ANG F-16

F-16 #94
Side roll shot of an Eglin test Falcon loaded with wind correctable cluster munitions

F-16 #95
Pretty tough graphic of an F-16 streaking through the sunset

F-16 #96
Look at the F-16 ramp at Nellis AFB

F-16 #97
Pilot takes one final check before rolling out

F-16 #98
Crisp and clean shot of one of Luke's Falcons

F-16 #99
2 F-16s from Oregon's ANG over Crater Lake

F-16 #100!!!
A pair of Wild Weasels from Misawa AB, loaded up and rolling left

F-16 #101
A Hill AFB F-16 rolling right over the desert

F-16 #102
The classic T-Bird Diamond Formation

F-16 #103
A Falcon out of Hill AFB over the Egyptian pyramids

F-16 #104
A red, white, and blue F-16 prototype inflight over the desert

F-16 #105
A Spangdahlem Falcon, side shot, inflight

F-16 #106
Side shot of one of Eglin's "D" models sporting a Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser

F-16 #107
2 New Mexico ANG Falcons screaming over Kuwait and dropping flares

F-16 #108
Very nice side-trail look at an in-flight F-16

F-16 #109
Cockpit view checking 10 o'clock high

F-16 #110
Going vert with a New Mexico duo

F-16 #111
Inspecting the F100 engine at Luke AFB

F-117A (F-19)

F-117 #1
A top/side look at the "stealth fighter" over a scenic lake

F-117 #2
An in flight look at the "Tacit Blue" stealth test bed aircraft, now declassified.

F-117 #3
Top down view of a 117, in flight...

F-117 #4
Top down view of a 117 weapons load crew in action

F-117 #5
Trail shot of 2 Nighthawks taxiing out

F-117 #6
Gorgeous sun shot of a 117 on the ramp

F-117 #7
Gear down and rolling in

F-117 #8
Chute deployed and passing by another 16 Nighthawks on the ramp at Langley AFB

F-117 #9
Very nice inflight, slight trail shot of an F-117

F-117 #10
In the hangar with a maintenance stand at the side

F-117 #11
Side view, door open and bombs away!

F-117 #12
Very sharp sunset pic of 2 PGM's falling away

F-117 #13
Front view after touch down, drag chute deployed

F-117 #14
An unusual shot of a stealth fighter in a desert camo paint job

F-117 #15
Top down view of the Nighthawk over a mountain range

F-117 #16
"V" formation with 2 F-16s from Canon and the New Mexico ANG

F-117 #17
Putting the covers on a Stealth fighter after a mission

The F-22 Raptor

F-22 #1
Nice side shot of the YF-22 prototype

F-22 #2
Top, front view of a 22 inflight

F-22 #3
A larger, top down view

F-22 #4
Inflight view from the front/side

F-22 #5
Nice head on shot

F-22 #6
Top, rear view of a Lightning II (B&W)

F-22 #7
Bottom view of an F-22 rolling right

F-22 #8
Unusual top down shot of an F-16, F-22, and F-117 (B&W)

F-22 #9
Large inflight front view of an F-22

F-22 #10
Nice, clean front view of the F-22

F-22 #11
Unique 3 sequence shot of an F-22 missile launch

F-22 #12
Good look at the YF-22, rolling left

F-22 #13
A side shot of the YF-22, somewhere over the desert

F-22 #14
Top down view of an F-22 cruising along

F-22 #15
Nose on shot of a 22 in the hangar

F-22 #16
Artist's depiction of a 2 missile launch from the F-22

F-22 #17
Another top down, desert in flight shot of the 22

F-22 #18
Good, slight trail formation view of the F-22

F-22 #19
Nice artist's rendering of 3 F-22s in flight with a sunset in the background

F-22 #20
Side shot of the first Raptor lifting off from Dobbins ARF in Marietta, GA!

F-22 #21
Another view of Raptor 01 taking off

F-22 #22
Cut away view of the F-22 engine

F-22 #23
Climbing out over the desert...

F-22 #24
F-22 in a 60 Degree Climb

F-80 "Shooting Star"

F-80 #1
Good look at a the Shooting Star, in flight

F-80 #2
The USAF Demo team the "Acrojets" in diamond formation (B&W)

F-82 "Twin Mustang"

F-82 #1
Bottom up look at the venerable "Twin Mustang"


F-84 #1
An F-84 zooms over the ramp as another receives maintenance (B&W)

F-86 "Sabre"

F-86 #1
An F-86H, top down, side view (B&W)

F-86 #2
An F-86D "Sabre" releasing a rocket (B&W)

F-86 #3
Side view of another F-86D in flight (B&W)

F-100 "Thunderbird"

F-100 #1
The Thunderbirds, F-100 style, in formation over the Grand Canyon

F-100 #2
A crew readies their 100 for take off

F- 101 "Voodoo"

F-101 #1
A RF-Voodoo on patrol over the Vietnamese jungle

F-101 #2
A very silver F-101 coming in hot for a landing

F-101 #3
B&W shot in flight from the bottom/right

F-102 "Delta Dagger"

F-102 #1
In flight look up at the F-102 Delta Dagger

F-102 #2
Clean look at a 102 dropping down

F-102 #3
And finishing the landing, chute deployed

F-104 "Starfighter"

F-104 #1
Top down look at the venerable Starfighter

F-105 "Thud"

F-105 #1
Loading bombs onto the Thud's rack (B&W)

F-106 "Delta Dart"

F-106 #1
An ANG Delta Dart rolling out

F-106 #2
Preflighting the 106 on an overcast day


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