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Enlisting in the Air Force


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Taking the Oath!
Enlisting in the Air Force

Recruits are sworn into the Delayed Enlistment Program at the Military Entrance Processing Station at Fort Lee, Va.

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You're almost done! All you have left to do is to go over your contract and enlistment options and take the Oath of Enlistment to enlist in the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP).

A counselor will go over your contract with you line-by-line. Don't get too wrapped up in the DEP contract, because what really counts is the final enlistment contract, which you will sign on the day you ship out to basic training. This is because the DEP contract is probably going to have several omissions, especially if you haven't been assigned to a job, yet. Certain enlistment incentives (such as enlistment bonuses) cannot be included in the contract until your job is known. Additionally, your active duty shipping date won't be known until your job is assigned.

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