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Surviving Air Force Basic Training
Air Force's Official List of What to Bring to Basic


To complete all of your military records, you will need to bring some items with you to basic training. Better to be safe than sorry so, bring any paperwork you think may be useful during your processing. Below is a list of the minimum documents you should bring if you have them:

Civilian eyeglasses Contact lenses/case
College transcripts Driver's license
Social Security Card Marriage license
Dependents' birth records JROTC/ROTC certificates
Civil Air Patrol certificates Naturalization papers
Alien Card Enlistment contract
Any important paperwork relating to your prescription

Banking Information (routing number, account number, bank name/address)

Required Items (All)

All recruits are required to have the following items. Don't worry, if you don't bring them with you, as you will be allowed to purchase the items on arrival. Cost of purchase will come out of your military pay.

Laundry soap Ball-point pen (black or blue)
Shampoo Deodorant
Toothbrush  Toothbrush tray
Toothpaste or powder Notebook and paper
Black shoe polish Shine brush/cloth
Shower shoes Soap (bar or liquid)
Soap tray (if bar soap is used)
Required Items (Males)
Shaving Equipment Shaving cream or Electric pre-shave lotion
Required Items (Females)
Sanitary napkins/tampons Bras/sport bras
Hair bands, bobby pins, etc. Underwear
Brushes or combs Nylons/panty hose (6 WOT)

Optional Items (All)

As with the required items, you'll have an opportunity to purchase any or all of the optional items upon arrival, with the cost of the times coming out of your military pay.

Envelopes Towels (2)
Cotton balls Spray starch/fabric finish
Nail trimming equipment Sewing kit
Foot powder Shaving items (Females)
Iron Stamps
Spandex Shorts (females) Batteries (D size) (2)
Watch Calling card
White socks (3 pair) Stationary supplies
You should also bring enough civilian clothes to last about 3 days
Trainees who wear glasses or contacts are required to buy eyeglass straps.
Do not buy or bring over-the-counter medication.

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