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  • Airmen will not attend off-duty educational programs or off-duty employment while assigned to a technical training squadron. (EXCEPTION: College Level Examination Program [CLEP] and Defense Activity for Nontraditional Educational Support [DANTES] testing). The 311 TRS students (Defense Language Institute) may be permitted to participate in off-duty education after counseling by the TRS commander documenting successful language training progression. Students must maintain a “B” average, have no record of military disciplinary problems, meet Air Force physical fitness standards, participate in the unit’s peer tutor program, and be in Phases IV or V.

Holiday Exodus

As mentioned above, technical school students are not generally authorized to take normal leave (vacation) while attending technical school training. There is one exception, and this is known as the "Holiday Exodus" program. Like most of the other services, the Air Force generally "shuts down" their technical (job training) schools for a ten-day period at Christmas Time. Students in good academic and disciplinary standing are generally allowed to take leave during this period. Any leave taken comes from the standard leave allowance (30 days per year). Those who don't take leave are generally assigned to perform details during this period (because the normal classes aren't being conducted).

Dormitory Standards

The following are general dormitory standards that apply to all phases of training. Additional restrictions are imposed, based on the specific phase of training.

  • Entrances to all bays, floors, and buildings with members of the same gender will have signs designating these areas as “male” or “female.”

  • All personnel entering or leaving a bay or floor of the opposite gender must announce themselves by stating “Male (or female) entering (or leaving) the bay (or floor).” In dormitories with central latrines, an escort must be sent to ensure the latrine is clear before entering.

  • Before entering the room of an Airman, personnel must knock once and make their presence known. Door will remain open when two people (or more) are in the room. EXCEPTION: NPS Airmen of the same gender may close the door when visiting other NPS Airmen.

  • Except in an emergency, any person entering the dormitory who is not assigned to the MTF or identified on a locally developed access list must have an escort.

  • NPS Airmen must lock the doors to their rooms and adjoining latrines while they are sleeping or when their rooms are unoccupied.

  • Personnel must report violations of external or internal security to the CQ or MTL or through the chain of command. Examples of security violations include unsecured checkbooks, credit cards, military ID.

  • Personnel must report all equipment, facility, and furniture discrepancies to the CQ, MTL, or facility manager or through the chain of command.

  • The open display of pictures, posters, or items displaying the human body in an obscene, provocative, or pornographic manner or any image considered in poor taste (as determined by the MTL) is not allowed.

  • Posters, pictures, or items portraying or advocating drug, alcohol, or tobacco use are not allowed.

  • Items will not be hung from the ceiling.

  • Firearms, fireworks, or flares are not allowed.

  • Burning of incense or candles is not allowed.

  • Pets of any kind are not allowed.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

  • Airmen must wear footwear outside dormitory rooms. (For safety purposes, socks are not considered footwear.)

  • Airmen will not mix chemicals or cleaning supplies.

  • Squadrons will establish a linen issue or exchange policy.

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