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Air Force Technical School Training Restrictions

What One Can and Cannot Do in AF Tech School


Basic Cadet Training
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Restrictions on what one can or cannot do continues after Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT), when one arrives at their technical school for job training. Like the other services, the Air Force uses a "phase system." In Air Force technical schools, these restrictions only apply to non-prior service (NPS) recruits. This includes Reserve and National Guard attending technical training under the "Split Option" program (under this program, Reserve/Guard members attend basic training, then return to their Reserve/Guard unit, and attend technical training at a later date).

It also applies to NPS service recruits who wash out of a different technical school, and are then reclassified to attend a new technical school. The phase program does not apply to airman/NCOs who are re-training under the Air Force Re-Training Program.

The Air Force Technical School "Phase Program" consists of three phases. As airmen advance in each phase, they are given more priviledges. The Phase Program begins on the day the recruit arrives at the technical school and (in most cases) ends when an airman graduates technical training and proceeds to their first permanent duty assignment.

The standards listed in this article are derived from Air Education and Training Command Instruction (AETCI) 36-2216, Administration of Military Standards and Discipline Training. It should be noted, however, that the directiven allows technical school wing and group commanders to request a waiver of portions of these standards, to make them more strict. While such waivers are rare, your particular technical school may have an approved one, and thereby the phase restrictions may be slightly more restrictive.

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