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Air Force Technical School Restrictions

Marching and Formations


(Continued from Air Force Technical School Restrictions )

Formations marching to and from school is maximized in Air Force technical schools for non-prior service (NPS) students to ensure safety and accountability. Airmen may be excused from marching by an MTL, in writing, or because of a medical-issued exemption. Each marching waiver will contain an expiration date.

Airmen in uniform will carry an operational flashlight or wear a reflective belt/vest, as determined in writing by the training/operations group commander, during hours of darkness or poor visibility. The assistant flight chief or higher will determine if flashlights or reflective belts/ vests are required (1) in the dormitory area, (2) when catching a bus from the squadron area to academic training, and (3) when using lighted troop walks from the dormitory area to academic training.

Airmen will use sidewalks, troop walks, or established routes of march. They will not cut through grass, squadrons, drill pads, or parking lots or use other shortcuts.

Road guard vests, belts, or sleevelets are mandatory for road guards and formation commanders when entering traffic.

There will be a uniform of the day. When marching in a formation, Airmen will be in the same uniform (for example, jackets or no jackets, sleeves up or down, gloves on or off).

Airmen are not authorized to eat, drink, talk, or chew gum while marching in formation or small marching units (SMU). EXCEPTION: They may drink water from issued containers.

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