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Air Force Technical School Training Restrictions

Removal From the Phase Program


(Continued from Air Force Technical School Restrictions )

In the vast majority of cases, non-prior service (NPS) Airmen remain in the phase program until completion of all technical training and departure for permanent duty assignment. However, for a handful of extremely long technical schools, the training/ operations group commanders may approve, in writing, the removal of NPS Airmen from the phase program after 150 consecutive days in Phase III.

NPS Airmen considered for removal from the phase program must:

  • Have spent a minimum of 150 consecutive calendar days in Phase III.
  • Be passing academically.
  • Meet minimum PRT standards.
  • Have demonstrated the knowledge, proficiency, and conduct equal to that of a permanent party Airman as determined by the academic instructor and MTL.

NPS Airmen who are removed from the phase program will be housed separately and restricted from residing in dormitories housing NPS Airmen who remain in the phase program. Exceptions must be approved, in writing, by the wing commander. If an exception is approved, Airmen who have been removed from the phase program will be physically separated from NPS Airmen who remain in the phase program by the most appropriate means (for example, a different floor or wing of a building).

Training/operations group commanders will determine, in writing, specific requirements for NPS Airmen who have been removed from the phase program to include disciplinary tools available for MTLs.

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