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Air Force Technical School Training Restrictions

Phase I


(Continued from Air Force Technical School Restrictions )

Phase I runs from arrival at the initial Air Force technical training base through the 14th calendar day after arrival . Airmen in Phase I have graduated from a strictly controlled basic training environment and are transitioning into a structured technical training atmosphere of military discipline and academics.

Airmen are expected to demonstrate improved performance, appearance, and self-discipline. They require continued reinforcement of the standards and are held accountable.

During Phase I, Airmen

  • Will remain on on base at all times. Training/operations group commanders may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

  • Will not purchase, possess, or consume alcohol.

  • Will wear military uniform on and off duty. EXCEPTION: They may wear civilian attire inside their dormitory only.

  • Will adhere to a call to quarters (curfew) of 2200 (10:00 PM) to 0400 (4:00 AM) Sunday through Saturday. EXCEPTION: Training/operations group commanders will determine, in writing, call to quarters for Airmen assigned to shifts other than a traditional day shift.

  • Will eat three meals per day, Monday through Friday, in a base dining facility (chow hall).

  • Will not operate, ride in, or utilize a private motor vehicle (PMV). Training/operations group commanders may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

  • Will have their rooms inspected a minimum of once per week, but not on the same day every week. These inspections will be documented and kept for a minimum of 30 days. Airmen must keep their rooms according to local guidelines.

  • Will make their beds with issue sheets and a bedspread or blanket. Personalized bedspreads or comforters are not authorized.

  • Will not hang pictures of any kind on the walls or lockers. Note: Pictures in a frame, no larger than 8 inches by 10 inches, may be displayed on the Airman's desktop, but must not be of a sexually explicit or degrading nature.

  • May have an alarm clock or radio alarm clock on their nightstand or desk.

  • May not possess or use a television or stereo in their dormitory room. They may, however, use existing televisions or stereos located in dayrooms or common areas.

  • Will march to and from all locations.

  • Will participate in a formal open ranks inspection conducted by an MTL a minimum of once per week. Note: If a location does not have enough Airmen to conduct a formal open ranks inspection (two- to four-element formation), MTLs will perform a uniform inspection.

  • May use a personal electronic device (cell phone, MP3 player, ect.) inside their dormitory during nonduty hours only.

  • Will pass all required open ranks and room evaluations prior to progressing to Phase II. (Units will determine pass/fail depending on locally developed standards.)

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