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Air Force Needs Officers to Separate


Updated April 25, 2010

The Air Force has too many commissioned officers and is looking forvolunteers in nine overmanned career fields to separate. Volunteers areeligible for voluntary separation pay. The pay is worth twice the involuntaryseparation payment that’s based on an officer’s rank and years ofservice.

The Air Force is looking for volunteer Captains and Majors who werecommissioned in 1998-1999 and 2002-2004, in the following career fields:

* Space and missile (13S).

* Weather (15W)

* Aircraft maintenance (21A)

* Communications and information (33S)

* Force support (38F)

* Chaplains, with the exception of Catholic chaplains (52R)

* Behavioral science/human factors scientist (61B)

* Chemist/biologist (61C)

* Financial management (65F)

If enough officers do not volunteer to separate, the Air Force plans to convene a Reduction in Force (RIF) Board in September to select non-volunteers for separation.

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