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Things to Consider When Deciding Whether to Join The Air Force

Enlistment Incentives


The Air Force offers very few enlistment incentives. They don't need them because they generally receive more applicants than they are able to accept. The Air Force offers enlistment bonuses in only a handful of critically-needed jobs. The Air Force does not have a "college fund," such as the Army and Navy does, which adds money to the GI Bill, but it does offer a College Loan Repayment Program (CLRP), of up to $10,000. Like the other services, the Air Force offers advanced enlistment rank up to E-3, for such things as college credits or JROTC. Additionally, the Air Force has accelerated promotion for those who enlist for six years. The Air Force has four and six year active duty contracts, and offer a very, very, few (less than one percent) National Call to Service enlistment contracts (2 year enlistments) each year.

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