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Things to Consider When Deciding Whether to Join The Air Force

Enlisted Commissioning Programs


Cadets Celebrate At Air Force Academy Graduation
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The Air Force has several programs enlisted members can use to become commissioned officers. Unmarried enlisted members can apply to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado. However, the selection process is very, very rigid, and only the very best are accepted (this applies to civilian applicants, as well as enlisted applicants).

All of the Air Force enlisted commissioning programs are very, very competitive. In fact, it's probably harder to get a commission in the Air Force than any other service branch. Except for rated commissions (pilot, navigator, air battle manager), the Air Force likes their officers to have technical or "hard science" degrees, such as aerospace engineering, physics, computer science, chemestry, ect. They also like these officers to have a very high college GPA (3.2 or above is considered competitive). For fliers, while a technical degree is not required, one still needs a very high GPA, and high score on the Pilot/Nav sections of the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) to be selected.

Enlisted members who possess or earn a bachelor's degree can apply for selection to the Air Force Officer Training School (OTS), after one year of active duty service. Other Air Force enlisted commissioning programs include:

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