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Air Force Weight Charts


Air Force BMT grad
The Air Force changed their weight standards, both for those serving, and for applicants when they adopted their new physical fitness program on January 1, 2004.

After one joins, there are no longer any specific weight or body fat requirements, as these factors are taken into consideration as one of the componants on the periodic fitness assessment.

However, for new accessions, there are still minimum and maximum weight requirements to join. One of the primary differences is that the weight chart is now exactly the same for males and females. The Air Force now uses a system called "Body Mass Index," or BMI. Those with a BMI of greater than 27.5, regardless of age or sex, must undergo a body-fat measurement to check if they are within Air Force Body Fat standards to join, and those with a BMI of less than 19.0 will require a medical waiver to join.

The formula to compute BMI is weight (in pounds) divided by the square of height (in inches), multiplied by 704.5 (Don't worry about that though, the below chart shows the maximum and minimum weights using the formula).

When measuring height, round up for measurements of 1/2 inch or greater, and round down for measurements of less than 1/2 inch. When weighing, if the weight fraction is less than 1/2 pound, round down to the nearest pound. If the weight fraction is 1/2 pound or greater, round up to the nearest pound.

Applicants to join the Air Force who exceed weight requirements shown in the below chart are measured for body-fat. Body fat standards are no more than 20 percent for males under age 30, 24 percent for males age 30 or over, 28 percent for females under age 30, and 32 percent for females age 30 or over. Procedures to measure body fat can be found in DoD Instruction 1308.3, DoD Physical Fitness and Body Fat Programs Procedures.

The new weight standards took effect on October 1, 2004. This includes those who enlist in the DEP after October 1, 2004, and those who were already in the DEP, but ship out to basic training after 1 October 2004. For the weight standards for initial entry prior to 1 October 2004, see the following charts:

Air Force Weight Chart

Height Maximum Weight Minimum Weight
58 131 91
59 136 94
60 141 97
61 145 100
62 150 104
63 155 107
64 160 110
65 165 114
66 170 117
67 175 121
68 180 125
69 186 128
70 191 132
71 197 136
72 202 140
73 208 144
74 214 148
75 220 152
76 225 156
77 231 160
78 237 164
79 244 168
80 250 173

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