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Air Force Limits Job Choices for New Recruits

Only 54 Choices Available for Active Duty


Updated September 12, 2004
The Air Force has too many troops. Each year, when Congress passes the Military Authorization Act, they tell the services how many people they are allowed to have on active duty. For the last couple of years, the Air Force has exceeded this magic number, and Air Force officials have vowed to cut the force to size by September 30, 2005.

In order to do this, the Air Force must "downsize" by about 20,000 (see related article). About 9,000 of this number will come by encouraging some who are already in to get out of the service early, through various programs. However, 11,000 of this reduction will be achieved by allowing fewer recruits to join during Fiscal Year 2005 (see related article).

Right now, the Air Force has already signed up pretty much everyone they need for the remainder of this Fiscal Year, which ends on September 30. The Air Force already has thousands of recruits signed up for the next Fiscal Year. Amazingly, most of these recruits, while enrolled in the Delayed Enlistment Program (DEP), do not yet have a job reserved, nor do they yet know when they will be shipping out to basic training.

Air Force officials have been working hard to try and determine which AFSCs (jobs) they will be filling with the 24,000 recruits they are allowing to enlist on active duty during Fiscal Year 2005 (October 1, 2004 to 30 September 2005). The list is out, and AF officials have narrowed it down to 54 enlisted specialties. For recruits enlisting to go on active duty in FY 2005, the chances are very high that they will receive one of these 54 AFSCs. There may be a slot in an AFSC not listed that may open up during the fiscal year, but such slots will be few and far between.

The List

1A0X1 In-Flight Refueling
1A1X1B Flight Engineer Helicopter
1A2X1 Aircraft Loadmasters
1A3X1 Airborne Comm Sys
1A4X1 Airborne Warn Cmd & Con Sys
1A5X1 Airborne Mission Sys
1A7X1 Aerial Gunner
1A8X1 Airborne Crypto Linguist
1C1X1 Air Traffic Control
1C2X1 Combat Control
1C4X1 Tact Air Cmd & Cnt
1C5X1 Aero Con/ Warn Sys
1N0X1 Intel App
1N1X1 Imagery Analysis
1N2X1 Comm Signals Intel
1N3X2 Romance Crypto Linguist
1N3X3 Slavic Crypto Linguist
1N3X4 Far East Crypto Linguist
1N3X5 Mid East Crypto Linguist
1N4X1 Network Intel Analysis
1N5X1 Elect Sig Intel Exploit
1N6X1 Elect Sig Security Assess
1T2X1 Pararescue
2A3X1A A10/ F15/ U2 Avi Sys
2A3X2 F16/ F117/ CV22/ RQ1 Avi Sys
2A5X3A Int Av Sys/ Comm/ Nav/ Misn
2A7X2 Nondestruct Insp
2A7X3 Aircraft Struct Mx
2A7X4 Surv Equip
2E1X3 Ground Radio Comm
2E2X1 Comp Ntwk/ SWTC/ Crypto Sys
2G0X1 Logistics Plans
2T3X2C Spec Veh Mx
3E2X1 pavements/ Const Equip
3E3X1 Structural
3E5X1 Engineering
3E7X1 Fire Protection
3E9X1 Readiness
3N0X1 PA
3N0X2 Radio & TV Broadcast
3P0X1 Security Forces
3V0X1 Visual Info
3V0X2 Still Photo
3V0X3 Vis Infor Prod Dev
4A1X1 Medical Material
4B0X1 Bio-environmental Engrg
4EOX1 Public Health
4H0X1 Cardiopulmonary Lab
4MOX1 Aerspace Phys
4TOX1 Medical Laboratory
4T0X2 Histopathology
5JOX1 Legal (only available to prior service)
6C0X1 Contracting

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