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Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Typical Day in Basic


Air Force Basic Training
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There isn't really any "typical" day in Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT). Each day will be different, as you will be learning new things, and doing new things, depending on how far along you are in your training.

However, HANSEN1N0, a member of our message forum, has shared with us what happened during one average day while he was attending Air Force basic:

0445 - Reveille (You'll learn to hate that song). Time to wake up.

0500 - Downstairs in formation. Get ready for PC (Physical Conditioning)

0500-600 - PC. You alternate. One day you run, the next day you do aerobic exercises.

0600-0615 - Breakfast. Believe me, you won't have much time to eat. My TIs always said "Give us breakfast, and we'll give you time for dinner and lunch." Meal time is often chaotic. So if your recruiter says it's a nice sit-down time to eat, he/she is full of it. But, then again, there are exceptions.

0630-0745 - Dorm setup. Getting the dorm "in shape. (Never call it a "barracks" in the Air Force)

0800-1130 - Anything from drilling, classes, records checks, shots, uniform issue, etc.

1130-1230 - lunch...well, it can really be anytime between 1100 and 1300 depending on what else is going on that day with your training schedule.

1300-1700 - Usually classroom instruction. I did bootcamp last July. Trust me, it gets hot. Your TI won't have you doing drill in the afternoon (especially in the summer). Sometimes, you'll do STT. I won't go into detail about this, but it's basically time to organize your area for inspection.

1700-1800 - Usually dinner. The amount of time you get to eat, depends on how far along you are in basic. Generally, the closer you get to graduation, the longer you have to eat.

1900-2045 - Set up the dorm for night-time. Clean-up details, shine your boots. Sometimes, maybe even a "patio break," if the TI feels the flight has earned it.

2100 - Lights out. You'll hear Taps right before "lights out." (That song I always loved).

Note: If you don't know how to tell military time, this article will help.

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