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Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Airman’s Run


Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Recruits at AFBMT participate in a 2.5 mile airman's run on the Thursday of graduation week.

Official USAF Photo

Airmen completing Air Force Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, participate in a 2.5-mile Airmen's run on Thursday of graduation week. The run is a victory celebration of the challenges overcome and esprit de corps gained by Airmen during training.

Around 0900 (9:00 AM) or 0930 (9:30 AM), your running formation will take you down the street in back of the reception center, where friends and family attending the basic training graduation events will be lined up to try and get a sight of you. As you run by, your flight will show off their musical talents by singing jodies (marching songs). Unfortunately, you won't get to spend time with your friends and family yet. That won't happen until after the retreat ceremony, later that afternoon.

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