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Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Rainbow and Baby Flights


Surviving Air Force Basic Training

During the first week of training, you wear running shoes, even in uniform. This serves two purposes: it gets your feet used to walking/marching before having to wear boots, and tells the entire world that you are a "Baby Flight."

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All recruits (male and female) now ship out to Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT) at Lackland Air Force Base, every Tuesday (exception: because of flight scheduling, a very few might arrive on Wednesday or Thurday, but these will be the exceptions).

As your first uniform issue is not until the following Thursday or Friday, you will be wearing civilian clothes for at least one full day, and possibly two days. During this period, you'll be referred to as Rainbows, because of your flight's bright and varied clothing colors. Rainbows are the lowest of low at AFBMT. Other flights will pass you and wonder, "Was I ever that bad?"

After the initial uniform issue, civilian clothes are no longer worn at all during basic training, and cannot be worn outside of the dormitories for the first 30 days of technical school (See Technical School Training Restrictions ). However, while you'll be wearing your brand-new, camouflaged uniform, for the first week of training, you'll wear your bright white issue running shoes, and the entire world will refer to you as a baby flight. This is still the lowest of low.

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