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Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Post-Deployment Training


Week seven of Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT) focuses primarily on post-deployment training. During this week, you'll receive intensive classroom instruction about the difficulties many military members face when they return from a deployment, such as financial management, family issues and alcohol abuse. Of course, you will also continue to practice drill, have dorm inspections, and the other hazards of military basic training life.

Sometime during week the week, you'll notice that your T.I.s are not yelling at you quite as much as they used to. Perhaps they've given up? Or, just maybe, you and your flight mates are starting to "get it together." As you march down the street, you'll note that you look with disdain at the new Rainbows and Baby Flights who are bouncing up and down like the Pacific Ocean when they attempt to march.

During this week, you'll also learn about Air Force history and heritage.

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