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Surviving Air Force Basic Training

KP and Other Details


Surviving Air Force Basic Training

Recruits perform "K.P." Duty at Air Force Basic Training

Official USAF Photo

The Air Force did away with KP (Kitchen Patrol) duty years ago.........with one exception - Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT). During your tour at basic you'll receive one or two opportunities to help the civilian dining facility contractors by keeping clean. (Advice: If you get an opportunity to choose - not likely - but if you do, the best "KP" job available, in my opinion, is the "back dock." While others are scrubbing floors and rinsing plates, the person on the "back dock" simply sprays it down with a hose every 45 minutes).

One good thing about KP: the cooks who work there are professional civilian cooks. They want their food to be enjoyed. They can't do anything about the speedy meals and snake pit navigation that happens on the dining room floor, but they are in charge of their kitchen. As such, they often feel sorry for the recruits, and often will give you a chance to have a leisurely meal during your KP duty, out of sight of the T.I.s.

Not everyone will get "KP" duty. Some lucky ones will be selected for other duties, such as directing traffic during graduation parades (don't get excited, it's not you graduating at this point, it's other flights weeks ahead of you), helping out at the firing range (setting up targets and such), or other such details.

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